I receive quite a number of responses to my last email where I shared that I’ll be in Jack Neo’s new movie.

Many congratulated me and they look forward to watching the movie.

The movie will be out in late Jan, so please support local movie. Thanks.

Here’s another photo of me and Jonas with Director Jack Neo.

Jaz Lai, Jonas Lai, Jack Neo

Jaz Lai with Jonas Lai and Jack Neo

Jonas is busy checking out the Lion dance rehearsal.

Just before I reveal the secret of how you can become a movie star, I would like to share something interesting
with you.

Recently someone posted this on my blog.

I know of people who have attended countless seminar and training and they didn’t earn a single cent even after 6 months. So stop selling ‘snake oil’ to your list.

This guy is pretty direct isn’t it.

Well… do I care about this?

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The money is NOT in the list!

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The cream of the crop businesses in the world, big and little, has something in common: They establish relationships with their customers on an emotional layer and then nourish those relationships.

A lot of small marketers get this wrong.

They utilize their marketing channels – Sending email, posting in Facebook, Sending Twitter etc… by only broadcasting sales messages to their market.

When they send out email – They hard sell.

When they post in Facebook. All they do is to push their products.

You are more likely to discover them sending links to their sales pages and opt-in pages, than reaching out to customers and future customers, and offering them help.

If every email you send or every message you type is to get someone to buy your products.

Then you are too short-sighted.

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A while ago, I featured one of my top students, Nicholas – also known as Nick in my blog.

Nick made his first sale of US$347.50 just after 10 days of attending one of my live trainings I conducted in Singapore last year.

And look at how much money he now generates in a month right now.


So what did Nick do differently? You might ask.

If you knew Nick personally, you’d probably think he’s just an average kid next door.

In fact, he is a little shy and soft-spoken in nature. When he speak, he stammer. So you wouldn’t expect a a person like him to make this amount of money every month.

However, there are a few characteristics about him that propelled him way ahead of everyone else, toward success.

And these traits can be learnt and emulated.

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Spring CleaningYesterday I went to my friends place for a birthday party. When I arrived, the hall looks really nice.

We chat till we touch on our hobbies. My friend ask me to follow him to his room so he can show me his model kit collections.

To my dismay, when I saw his room, It was in a total mess. Everything was out of place and very dirty.

This made me remembered the importance of keeping our home clean. This leads me to…

Spring Cleaning Time.

I don’t mean cleaning up your house but your Subscribers List.

If you don’t do it regularly, your business costs will increase and your subscriber’s list response will drop.

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One of the MOST important rule for any Entrepreneur is to Know Your Customers.

When you know the problems of your customers, it’s like Fortune Telling.

When I am talking about knowing your customers, I am not talking about just knowing their names and email addresses.

I’m referring to knowing and relating to your customers on an emotional level.

If you want to create a business that brings in at least six figures this year…

Then you better be prepared to know Your Customers better starting from TODAY.

If you have NOT made your first sale yet: You should Know and Understand your customer better than they know themselves.

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Recently I have quite a number of people telling me that they have been swiping my emails and using it as a reference whenever they want to launch a new email campaign.

I feel honoured about it. Especially since my English is one of the subject that I drag about in school.

I even failed most of my English exams. The only subject that I like is Math. Maybe that’s why I like to count money.

So there must be a formula somewhere.

Let me share a secret with you that really makes a difference to my email.

Why am I able to sell so much products just through email itself and why people always buy when I asked them to?

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I love seeing results like this… and hearing people saying… “I finally know how to make money online!”

I am so proud of you guys. Keep it up!

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2012 Review and 2013 Goals

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HAPPY 2013!!!

It’s that time of the year again.

Time for me to review my achievement in 2012 and my goals for 2013.

Traveling in 2012.

2012 was definitely the year of the travel.

I went to so many countries and garner so many chops in my passport that I have to change a new passport.

Early this year, I went to Korea in Feb for my mini-honeymoon.

Then in May I went to US for 2 weeks for my actual Honeymoon.

Here’s the photo and video for my US trip.

I went back to US again in Aug for a mastermind session with Russell Brunson, Daegan Smith, Brian Johnson, Greg Davis, John Jonas, Joel Paterson, Sonia Ricotti, Adam Short, Aaron Lilly, Brittany Lynch and a couple of other top marketers.

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targetIf you are running any sort of Net business, you’re clambering for individuals traveling to your site.

Without capturing targeted visitors, there’s no way you’ll get anywhere and you’ll sit there sad and penniless.

If you are like the bulk of the Net marketers, you have to be in a real fight to produce quality traffic.

I know it just makes you want to scratch your eyes out seeing others getting lots of traffic if you are stuck producing nothing?

No matter what you need to do with your traffic, you have to figure out how you are going to acquire it.

And how come you’re still doing nothing.

Okay down to the nitty gritty:

You are chasing after “free traffic” that doesn’t exist. (Umm reality check)

This is the brutal truth. There’s nothing called free lunch. Nothing useful about free traffic.

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Last month, I went to Vegas for the 2nd time (First time was in May) and this time I was there for an interesting mastermind event.

The mastermind session was held in Pirate Coves and it was one of the most interesting place that I have stayed.

Check this out.

Pirate Coves is 22,000 square feet, have 20 bedroom, 25 bath and 3 swimming pool.

Every room have their own theme and look at the “Voodoo” room that I stayed.

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