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My Childhood Dream Came True

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Today was a day like no other. Even after having to “survive” a couple of sleepless nights at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; a big part of me was beaming with excitement.

Just to give you an update on what happened over the last weekend, I was actually invited to speak at the Global Internet Seminar at malaysia. It was really a fun experience for me.

The locals there were very warm-hearted. And I also got to hang out with other info marketers from around the world.

So anyway, I expected to doze off immediately on the flight back home to Singapore.

But surprisingly, I didn’t.

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Last month, I was browsing through some magazines and I saw a full page ad on ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) and I was totally fascinated by this mean machine.


Now, just in case you don’t know how exactly an ATV looks like…

The ATV looks very similar to a motorcycle and it operates like one too.

The only difference is that, it is typically equipped with three or four wheels.

As the name implies, it is designed to handle a wider variety of terrain than most other vehicles.

So the next thing, I did… I got onto my computer and looked up the website that was offering three hour long drive throughs through rocky terrain.

At that moment, I was determined to ride the ATV even though I didn’t know what to expect from riding up rocky hills and going down steep slopes.

Well, there was defintiely some risk involved. But I couldn’t care less.

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For many aspiring marketers, starting out on an online business can sometimes become a painful experience.

Even before making their first buck online, most would have already burnt a hole in their wallets.

What I found out is that, for many people who just started out… they would spend their money and time on product creation and “setting things up”… when they should be focusing on building a list first!

And it’s not always about investing money for a long-term cause… especially when survival is already an issue.

If you are low on funds, I would recommend you to do the things that bring you cash the fastest.

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