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I Lost Hope

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One of the most common reasons that people struggle to feel motivated is because they have lost hope that their lives can ever be any different.

You can see the devastating effect of hopelessness in impoverished areas of the world.

Where there is little opportunity, little progress and little resources, there is also usually little hope.

You’ve probably even noticed this in your own life.

If you’ve struggled to make changes and failed, or wanted to make changes but didn’t see any way to do it, you probably ended up with a sense of futility and hopelessness that dashed your dreams.

Then what happened?

You gave up because there seemed to be no reason to keep trying.

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The Best 2009 Lesson In The World

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Hey, what’s up you guys.

How was your Christmas?

Time really flies, huh.

Just a bash of an eyelid and now, it’s the end of the year again.

I have quite a lot of people askng me where have I been for the past 2 months as I have not been sending out much emails.

Well, here’s I have been doing…

In October, after my successful launch of Inbox Cash Blueprint, I took a short break in Oct and do nothing but relax and have fun.

I was booked through out the whole of November for speaking gigs and I travelled to 5 different places to share tips and secrets on how I achieve success online.

I went to Indonesian, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and it was real fun mingling with success entrepreneurs and see how most of them overcame all odds to be successful.

Here’s the video that I created.

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