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Do you remember when was the last time you accomplished a goal so great that you are really proud of?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything related to financing returns or what not… just something that you are really passionate about and that it means the whole world to you if you were to achieve it.

It can be anything… What does it feel like to be in that moment of triumph and relief knowing that all your hard work has been paid off.

It’s an amazing feeling isn’t it.

Quite honestly, I haven’t felt that kind of great sense of achievement in a long time… until just 2 days ago.

I became a pop star in my own right… and I performed live in front of 100+ people for the first time in my life!…

Jaz Lai Concert 1

Well, I hope this doesn’t come off too much of a surprise for you…

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I Just Pick Up Golf

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My friends are playing it, their friends are playing it and looks like alot of people are playing it. So why not me…

Went to send up for my golf lesson today and looking forward to playing it twice weekly.

Here’s my first golf shot.

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Something happened last week… that set me in tracks and got me to re-assess myself.

Drinking Beer image

I went out a with a couple of good friends for a karaoke session…. We had a lot of beer and we messed up the lyrics of the songs.

We had a really good time when suddenly… I became breathless and had palpitations.

My vision blurred and I couldn’t hold myself steady. I was freaking my friends out.

It felt like a panic attack… Because I became very nervous and I was sort of disoriented.

And I really thought that I was going to die.

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I’m back

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It’s been 1 whole month since I last emailed you.

I was on holiday in Japan (Tokyo) and the Philippines (Manila).

Jaz Lai in Japan

It was a fantastic trip where I experience snow for the first time.

Besides the holidays, Feb was a great month where I hit $126,000 pure profit.

Now I am laying out the system so that I can rake in monthly 6-figures consistently.

I am definitely looking forward to a profitable 2010.

In today’s blog post, I wanted to share with you a very important lesson on how I am able to achieve the success that I wanted.

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