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What Do You Do On A Monday Morning?

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For most people, it is about getting up early in the morning rushing to work and getting stuck in the dreadful traffic jam.

But to me, Mondays are very different. In fact I quite like Mondays… because it’s a day where I can sleep through the morning to replenish my lost energy from the previous night of entertainment .

And it’s also a day where I can catch up with my old friends and just hang out in each others’ homes.

Yesterday’s Monday was a little more exciting than usual.

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My First US$2,200 Workshop In 2004

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I was packing my old files and came across the receipt for my first workshop in 2004.

I’ll tell you this brought back some memories of when I first began down this path.

You see, most of you know that I used to own a chain of fashion retail stores in the prime-shopping district in Singapore.

But I took a leap to move away from my hectic work life in the fashion industry and ended up changing my life with Internet Marketing.

This workshop may have been the start of my internet discovery… so I wanted to share with you the benefits of taking a workshop so you may better your success as well.

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There you are, standing in the grocery checkout line, bored out of your brain.There you are, standing in the grocery checkout line, bored out of your brain.


All of a sudden, a word or picture from the rack of magazines hits you right between the eyes and says, “Hey Over Here!! Look at me!!”

Your head begins to turn.

You see the Irresistible Headline.

Quickly, doing the job it is supposed to do, the headline bores its way into your brain and moves you into powerless submission.

With a mind of its own, your hand stretches out and grabs the publication.

You understand the empty promises; you’ve been told this nonsense before.

But this may be some red-hot reading!

You, like a robot, slap the mag down on top of some milk and eggs in the cart.

Why are you doing this?

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