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Sales Pages And The Age-Old Question

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Sales pages have changed through the years. It seems you see fewer long sales pages online and see more short sales pages or a sales video with no real written sales copy. But are marketers testing what works best in their market?

Or are they listening to that one person who gets on the Warrior Forum and spouts off about how much he hates to read long copy?

Are marketers going with short copy because they are lazy or don’t know how to write compelling long copy, or have they studied sales copy and know what converts?

It seems like so many sheeple marketers join the parade as soon as they hear the loud drums and lively music. They don’t stop to consider whether this parade is the real deal and will take them where they want to go.

Personally, I could go on and on about how much I hate to watch video sales pages and much prefer to read copy, but am I my target customer?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no, depending on which of my niches I’m looking at. But I sure as heck shouldn’t decide whether to use short copy, long copy, or video copy based on what I like.

Yet, I see so many marketers doing that. In a nutshell – test new ideas to see if they work. For that matter, test old ideas to see if they still work. Tell me what you think. Just sound off in the comment box below.

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Should Everyone Use Social Media?

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Should Everyone Use Social Media?

When a person first decides to become an online marketer, they’re bombarded from the right and left with advice about what they should do. These “should do’s” include build a website, sell affiliate products, create your own product, grow a list of subscribers, put content on your site, do article marketing, get on Facebook, and start tweeting on Twitter.

It’s enough to make your head spin, isn’t it? Some marketers can do these things, but they spend every moment trying to keep up AND be successful with all of it.

Then there are the offline businesses. Of course, the big guy can afford to pay people to specialize in the different aspects of their online presence.

Then there’s the little guy, the one who does it all, who doesn’t have the time (and possibly doesn’t have the desire) to do it all.

But because they’re told they “should do” these things, including social media, they either don’t do it effectively or they have no time left to do their actual offline business.

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The 4 Types of Internet Marketers

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So, I was teaching a group of students from my previous workshop and more or less, I could already foresee who would be able to pull through and make it in internet marketing and who would eventually give up half way through.

So far, my judgement has been right as I have already conducted more than 10 workshops over the past few years and I noticed that my students fall into either one of these 4 categories of marketers. And I’ll explain each one clearly.

1. Unplanned marketers – People who have no skills in internet marketing and do not want to learn.

You’ll probably wonder why they would attend my workshop in the first place. Usually, this group of students don’t attend the programme of their own accord. They are either being “forced” or dragged along by their peers and loved ones.

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