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To Buy or Not to Buy?

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Let me set the scenario:

You get a great sales page flying at you through an email from a marketer whose list you are on.  It sounds good, but you’re on the fence about buying the product. “It might help me out.”  “But I promised myself I wouldn’t buy anymore products for a while.”  You’ve got that little volleyball match going on in your head.

As you get down near the buy button, you see the bonuses.  Wow!  7, 8, 11 bonuses. You didn’t really count but you can see there are a lot.

Now my question(s):  Does seeing this many bonuses cause you to buy the product? Or does it turn you off?  Or does the number of bonuses matter to you at all – your mind is made up before you even get to the list of bonuses?

Next question(s):  Does it matter to you what the bonuses are? If they’re video, audio, or PDF bonuses?  With our without private label rights?  PLR products or new original products?

I know, there are a lot of questions here but I’d like your comments.  I’ll tell you what I think after you leave your comment and let me know what you think, okay?

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I was invited to speak at a seminar two weekend ago. And I was still surprised to see so many local Singaporeans attended.

As you know, Singapore is a very small country. But seeing so many people turn up proves that the market for the “Make Money Online” niche is still new and the demand for knowledge in this industry is still growing.

When it was my turn to take the stage, I swear that I could see the enthusiasm burning in the eyes of the audiences. These people were eager to learn and that motivated me to give my all.

And I shared with them some of my best secrets of making money on the internet. When the presentation was over, a huge group in the audience came forward to thank me for sharing so many tips with them.

One lady even said that I gave more tips than some of the courses she brought online and she had learnt a lot. It was really flattering.

It made me feel really good knowing that I have touched someone’s life. After speaking for 2 days, I was feeling a little listless on the third day and decided to head back early.

But the event organizer asked me to stay until they gave out the Best Speaker Award.

The audience gets to vote for their favorite speaker and the one with the most number of votes wins. So I waited patiently in my seat while the next speaker delivered his presentation… I think I must dozed off.

Because I was awoken by surprised by the loud applause by the audience.

Everyone was looking at me smiling, as they cheered wildly!

I had totally no idea what was going on! Then the organizer said, “Jaz, you’ve won the Best Speaker Award”. I was dumbfounded.

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