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Success Story – Alan Lim

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Just receive this video testimonial from Alan Lim.

Alan has been struggling for years but once we help him to set up his own multiple income system, results start coming in fast.

Alan is definitely someone that I enjoy teaching. He basically just follow my instructions to a “T” and it’s precisely because of this, he is able to achieve results in just a few weeks.

Keep it up Alan and see you at the top!

Here’s the video and his results.


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I Love Passive Income

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One of the greatest business models in the world is the passive income model. It is so good that I would consider it as a gift from heaven.

See these two checks below?

Yes, that’s right. I receive stuffs like this month after month after month (and this is just one of the products I am promoting).

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I learn sewing in class

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As you know, I used to work as a Fashion Designer and one of the thing that I need to do is to learn how to sew cloth samples.

I still remember when I was in school…

I first stepped into the sewing room for lessons and I was really nervous.

I had never even sewn anything in my life and I certainly had never created a dress from scratch.

I could see that that I was going to have a hard time learning how to sew, unlike those girls who took sewing lessons in secondary school before.

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Success Story – Ocean Wang

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I just receive this wonderful testimonial from a female student of mine.

Her name is Ocean Wang and she is from China who currently resides in Singapore.

She is so excited with her results after the workshop that she send in this unsolicited testimonial to use.

Here’s what she say:

Being a new internet marketer can encounter countless difficulties… Jaz and his team have been very supportive through my journey of learning.

They answer all my questions precisely and give clear direction and vision along the way.

MR FUs system is simple to set up and the method is easy to understand. It is definitely working.

This is not a get rich quickly scheme, however it shows a system that can work on an autopilot.

With Jaz and his team support, all I do is to precisely follow the instruction and I see a bit of success every day.

There are up and downs just like every other things in life, but through the mentorship support from Jaz, I get reassurance whenever I encounter difficulties and not to give up.

I am very glad to learn from Jaz and his team, and I believe in my future success lies in this great beginning.

Ocean Wang

She even send in her screen shot of her list size after a few weeks.

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Big Lessons From My Childhood

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Life wasn’t also so good when I was young. My parents are always busy working earning a living.

My parents had to ask my mother’s mother (grandmother) to take care of us a lot of the time.

We spent a lot of time with her and we are very close to her. There are lessons she taught me that I’d like to share with you.

I’ve lived by these and still live by these principles (even at times when my dream seemed smashed and my hope was very low), and have applied them in every area of my personal and business life.

I can tell you that they WILL work!

You must have a vision for the future that will captivate your entire heart and at the richest level, your spirit and soul.

Unfold your mind to the amazing might of your creative imagination.

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