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I am currently in Bali now for a 1 week break and It’s nothing but the Sun, sand and the beach.

Life is wonderful and stress free here.

By the way, I just came back from a fun ATV trip and the exciting white water rafting.

Will post up some photos when I am back in Singapore.

Before I go off, my buddy Daegan Smith send me this article which I find it to be very useful.

Have a good read at this and if you decided to take up his offer. I will be offering you my exclusive personal coaching for 2 full months.

You will get my personal email address and you can ask me any questions regarding your home business or online business.

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Okay, now let’s pretend that you have a lot of money.

And with a portion of that money, you get to spend any way you’d like on your Internet or home business.

Let’s say that amount is $5000. Woo hoo!

Now… with $5000 here’s what I would do with it. I could spend it on:

Education – Learn even more about Internet marketing. This includes IM books, self-help books, copywriting books, and attending professional seminars. Going to lots of seminars will allow me to rub shoulders with the movers and shakers, and maybe work out some beneficial deals.

Mentor/coach – Have someone tell me what to do, step by step, to take my online business to an insanely successful level. This could get me from point A to point B a lot faster.

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