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So, today is actually a very busy day for me, because I am preparing for a seminar that is about to start 3 hours from now.

As I took a short break from all that crazy preparation, I decided to check my email and see if anything important might have popped into my inbox.

One of my students – his name is Floyd – had sent me an email. Inside the email, he sent me 2 screenshots.

He sounded really excited.

Now, Floyd is a very busy person. He hardly gets the time to devote to his online business, because he’s so busy with his work and has a family to take care of as well.

So we catered our training to his schedule, and taught him one very simple strategy which he could use right away to make money online. I call this strategy ‘ad swapping’.

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After a whole week of work, I went home driving my dream car.

As I reached home, I went to my room, freshened up myself and change to a more comfortable clothes.

After the usual routines I do at home, I went out to the balcony and refreshed myself.

“Wow! What a week this was!” I said to myself with all the smiles as I breathe in the fresh air.

I gazed around me to the vast surroundings that I can see. I never realized until today that I was living with all the dreams that I could only wish in the past.

Having my very own dream car….

To be able to travel around the world with the many opportunities my work has to offer and being able to do a lot of exciting escapades during holidays instead of just staying home.

These were merely wishful thinking to me before.

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Happy 46th Birthday, Singapore!

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Today’s a special day for all of us. If you hit the streets… you’ll see a lot people dawning upon red and white combinations in their clothes, the colors that represent the Singapore Flag.

9th August marks our nation’s 46th year of independence.

A date to remember since the year 1965… when the fate of Singapore was molded from a poor little fishing village to now, one of the biggest financial giants in Asia.

Historically, Singapore’s economy was based primarily on its role as an entrepôt for neighboring countries due to its strategic geographic location at the entrance to the Straits of Malacca.

It did not have minerals or other primary products of its own to export, but it served a major economic function by processing and transshipping the goods of nearby lands.

The Port of Singapore is the busiest in the world, surpassing Rotterdam and Hong Kong.

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Fashion Designer Turn Marketing Expert

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I often get asked this question – “Jaz, How Did You Get Started In Your Internet Business?”

And “What’s Your Secrets To Success?”

Every time when I tell people that I am an ex-Fashion Designer, people are always ‘shock’ by my previous occupation.

They always wonder how I managed to turn from designing clothes to become one of the top marketing expert in Asia.

Well… if you are wondering as well, have a good read at this newspaper article about how I overcome all odds to be where I am now.

And the 3-Letter success principle that have stay with me till now.

Click on the image below to open up the newspaper article.

Let me know if you love this!

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