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Two weeks ago, I broadcasted an email to my subscriber list and customers to invite them to my evening seminar.

84 people turned up and quite a number of them are my customers.

During the seminar, I shared with them 3 simple steps to setting up their internet business.

And at the end of the seminar, I invited those that wanted to know more to come and attend my hands-on 3 days workshop where I will personally help them to set up their own internet business.

The workshop fee is $1997 and 17 of them took up the offer.

In the end, I generated $33,949 in only 2 hours.

To many people, it may seem easy and I can see quite a number of marketers turning to offline seminars to generate more sales for their business.

And I can safely say that most of them bomb! (meaning they close between 1-3 sales for their workshop)

Most people always think that it’s easy to sell offline, and if they were to organize their own seminar or workshop, they will make a lot of money.

But it is always easier said than done.

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A few days back, I received contrasting comments from two of my students on Facebook.

Reading those comments, it highlighted to me once again how mindsets are what make or break your ability to succeed.

In my business, I’ve seen it countless times while coaching my students.

It’s often easy to tell who are the ones who will succeed, and who are the ones who will not.

Truth is, everyone can do it. Success is a choice.

It’s just a matter of looking beyond one’s self-imposed limitations.

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Last Sunday, I finally got a chance to attend a Jacky Cheung concert. To many, he was the God of Songs.

In his heyday, Jacky Cheung was regarded as the new Michael Jackson by Business Week.

With a 25-year career that accumulated numerous awards, he was one of the artistes whom I truly respect.

So when I heard that he was going to be in town, there were no doubts in my mind that I should grab this opportunity to see him live in person.

And he did not disappoint.

As an artiste, Jacky was not afraid to try out new songs and style. (His latest is Jazz by the way.)

That was prominent in the first half of the concert. But he knows his fans.

He knows that people love his classic songs, so towards the middle of the concert, he rolled them out with an unmatched enthusiasm.

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