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Over the past few days, things had really been hectic… with the wedding banquet that’s coming up in January and among other things . It’s really challenging but definitely worth it.

Luckily,  I’ve managed to find some time for myself and finally get to relax on my favorite chair…

And guess who I thought of?

You! – My readers.

Just before I get interrupted again with something just as  important, I want to spend some time to give you an update about what has happened in the year 2011 and my goals for the new year… 2012.

Here are some of the breakthroughs I had for this year.

A 2 year old company that I set up is currently running at close to $900,000 sales a year.

If you consider the full affiliate sales that we generated the sales figure should be somewhere close to 1.2 million.

(Sorry that I can’t show any screenshot as my top accountant advise that I should not show my sales statistic online since I am not a listed company yet… Haha : )

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I Am Back From My Hospital Check Up

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A while ago I wrote about my MVP condition (Mitral Valve Prolapse). You can check out the blog post here. I went back for a check out to make sure my heart valve is still working fine.

I was pretty anxious to know if my condition has worsen. If it gets worse, there are only 2 possible scenario. It’s either I go for operation to replace my valve or in the worse case, I face death.

Here’s the video of the scan. You can clearly see my heart and my valve in the monitor.

After the scan, I am glad to say that my condition did not worsen.

And everything looks fine for now.

This is good news as it means that I get to enjoy life a bit more for now.

Time for me to plan out my 2012.

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Here are some of the latest testimonials from our latest batch of students.

And if you have followed my step-by-step methods closely to set up your online business… you would probably find yourself caught in a similar situation to Aireen’s – making money even without realizing it.

One thing’s for sure… She’s not the first to have made money online “out of the blue” and she is certainly not going to be the last.

But here’s what I found out. These students who have made money do indeed have something in common… apart from using the strategy I taught them. These guys take massive action!

Just a week after the workshop… and Desmond makes his first sale through massive action.

And I dare say that this is indeed, the true secret of success.

Truth to be told, anybody can make a fortune in almost any niche out there. But not everyone have the ability or the “balls” to take massive action.

And that’s what separates the winners from the losers in every industry.

So if you want to be a winner in the make money niche… Follow my method closely and make sure you apply them… And I can assure you that you’ll experience results like my successful students.

So, if you’re already taking action… Keep up the good work! And we’ll see you at the top.



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A couple of weeks ago, I was at a charity seminar called Learnathon.

For the unaware, Learnathon was a social media driven philanthropic initiative that is meant to raise funds for the victims of the recent flooding disasters in Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines.

When I was first contacted, I agreed to do the seminar without hesitation. It was my way of giving back with all the accumulated success that I have achieved over the years. And I am glad to announce that we managed to raise $132,850 for the flood victims.

Moreover, getting together 14 of Asia’s top wealth creation and motivational speakers was a fantastic idea to help do charity, and share the secrets to financial freedom at the same time.

While I was at the event sharing the secrets to my success, a lot of people approached me saying they were very inspired by my success story.

And while I was seated at the front seat listening to the other speakers (There are a total of 14 of us), I find that we all have something in common that separate us from the underachiever.

And that thing is “Taking Massive Action

Now, we are all born with the same potential for success. There, I said it.

I am a strong believer in that.

People can argue with me and say things like:

‘Jaz, I am not talented in this…’

OR even things like:

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