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Yup! Here’s another fulfilling post.

Before I go on to the next important lesson I’m about to share with you…

Let me just give you a brief run down on what happened last weekend.

As you probably know…

My good friend Daegan Smith was in KL with me to conduct Maximum Leverage Asia.

It was a huge a blast!

I’m really happy to hear that some students are applying the strategies and are making money already.

Check out the testimonial by Karl Cardoza from Malaysia.

“Announcement: Winner of Maximum Leverage Asia Malaysia””

“Daegan… You are seriously a life saver and being apart of the maximum
leverage seminar was an awakening for me. I applied the exact principals that
you taught and made $300 in 3 hours with one email to my list….

– Karl Cardoza, malaysia”

(Here’s a video from Karl after a few days.

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My First Virgin Trip To Korea!

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Now that I am done with all the celebration for the last 3 months. (My ROM, Christmas, New Year, my customary wedding, Chinese New Year)

It’s time to go for my first holiday of the year.

I just collected my 8 Days e-ticket to Korea.

I will be leaving next Tuesday and this will be my first virgin trip to Korea.

The land of K-Pop.

Looking forward to it…

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Received this 2 big Red Packet when I opened my mail box yesterday.

Great start to my new year. I totally love Passive Income.

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In my previous post, I spoke about sincerity and passion.

I have always believed that they are necessary ingredients to being successful in whatever you do.

Sincerity and passion also creates the willingness to push forward. But we’re only human, and there will be times when we get tired of pushing for a result (especially when there is none to show for).

Or when life catches up with us, and we have to split our focus on to other things.

That’s when we have to grit our teeth and really be persistent.

And today, I am glad to say that persistence has paid off for me, and of course, my amazing students who believe in what I teach.

They say that proof is in the pudding, so here’s proof #1:

Loy is our first example, of the next few to come.

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