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Today’s post is going to be a confidence builder for a lot of people who are still considering whether building an internet business is something that they want to do for the long-term.

Recently, I’ve been invited to speak at an internet business seminar event.

I was scheduled to tour around asia to share my secrets about how I made money online.

Even though the audience were impressed at my results as well as my students, there are still a
minority of people who doubt that this new-age business would work out for them.

It’s funny how some people come to an internet business seminar to learn about how to create wealth online.

But when it comes down to getting their hands “dirty”, most of them would freeze in their tracks.

And I found that the number one excuse that’s stopping a lot of people from experiencing true internet wealth is that they believe that running an internet business requires lots of technical knowledge.

But if you’ve been following up with my emails and blogpost, you know that it’s just one huge myth.

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The Greatest Opportunity In The World

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Before the Internet became commercialized in the 90s, people had to rely on physical businesses to make money.

It is after the Internet boom that the world began to see more millionaires pop up year after year.

Unfortunately, poverty is still a major issue in this world.

I am always thankful that I managed to get my finances sorted out at this young age.

Anyone who’s being following me will know my story. My fashion retail businesses failed, and I landed myself in a 6-figure debt in 2004.

It is with the Internet that I managed to turn things around, and become financially free.

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