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Today, I want to share with you a success story of Desmond Ang.

We actually did an interview with Desmond awhile ago but because of the hectic schedule, I’m only able to roll this one out today. *Forgive me… =’o(

And the reason, why I thought Desmond’s experience would be perfect for today’s blogpost because I’m pretty sure many people would be able to relate to his story.

Desmond is forty years of age and he’s married with two kids.

Like most regular middle-age Singaporean men his age, Desmond has lots of responsibilities to take care of.
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Recently I have seen alot of posting of results from our students in our Facebook group. When I started my live internet training few years ago, people have gotten results 1-2 months after they attended our workshop.

And as we go on to refine and improve our training syllabus with every new batch of students. The results are starting to show up much faster.

2 months become 1 month, 1 month become 3 weeks, 3 weeks, become 2 weeks, 2 weeks become 1 week.

And for the last few batches of students, the results started to appear in days.

Check out some of the screen shot of our newest batch of students.

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