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I love seeing results like this… and hearing people saying… “I finally know how to make money online!”

I am so proud of you guys. Keep it up!

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2012 Review and 2013 Goals

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HAPPY 2013!!!

It’s that time of the year again.

Time for me to review my achievement in 2012 and my goals for 2013.

Traveling in 2012.

2012 was definitely the year of the travel.

I went to so many countries and garner so many chops in my passport that I have to change a new passport.

Early this year, I went to Korea in Feb for my mini-honeymoon.

Then in May I went to US for 2 weeks for my actual Honeymoon.

Here’s the photo and video for my US trip.

I went back to US again in Aug for a mastermind session with Russell Brunson, Daegan Smith, Brian Johnson, Greg Davis, John Jonas, Joel Paterson, Sonia Ricotti, Adam Short, Aaron Lilly, Brittany Lynch and a couple of other top marketers.

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