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One of the MOST important rule for any Entrepreneur is to Know Your Customers.

When you know the problems of your customers, it’s like Fortune Telling.

When I am talking about knowing your customers, I am not talking about just knowing their names and email addresses.

I’m referring to knowing and relating to your customers on an emotional level.

If you want to create a business that brings in at least six figures this year…

Then you better be prepared to know Your Customers better starting from TODAY.

If you have NOT made your first sale yet: You should Know and Understand your customer better than they know themselves.

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Recently I have quite a number of people telling me that they have been swiping my emails and using it as a reference whenever they want to launch a new email campaign.

I feel honoured about it. Especially since my English is one of the subject that I drag about in school.

I even failed most of my English exams. The only subject that I like is Math. Maybe that’s why I like to count money.

So there must be a formula somewhere.

Let me share a secret with you that really makes a difference to my email.

Why am I able to sell so much products just through email itself and why people always buy when I asked them to?

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