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I receive quite a number of responses to my last email where I shared that I’ll be in Jack Neo’s new movie.

Many congratulated me and they look forward to watching the movie.

The movie will be out in late Jan, so please support local movie. Thanks.

Here’s another photo of me and Jonas with Director Jack Neo.

Jaz Lai, Jonas Lai, Jack Neo

Jaz Lai with Jonas Lai and Jack Neo

Jonas is busy checking out the Lion dance rehearsal.

Just before I reveal the secret of how you can become a movie star, I would like to share something interesting
with you.

Recently someone posted this on my blog.

I know of people who have attended countless seminar and training and they didn’t earn a single cent even after 6 months. So stop selling ‘snake oil’ to your list.

This guy is pretty direct isn’t it.

Well… do I care about this?

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