About Me

Jaz is unlike the typical Internet Guru that you encounter today.

On first impression, he appears to many as somewhat laid back when he takes a stroll in a relaxed swagger,
sporting faded wash jeans and trendy shoes.

No one in the least would expect that he is actually an ex-fashion designer who used to own a chain of
retail stores, but is now recognized as one of the expert in converting leads to sales.

Jaz is indeed a perfect example of someone who over came all odds to be succesful in a field he have
no knowledge on.

Over the past 5 years, Jaz has put together a ‘Magic Button’ system that that will create a 5 to 6 figure
income within a short period of time.

And it will work for anyone with or without experience.

His ability of breaking dowm conventional methods into an easy to understand no-frill approach to
internet marketing, has never fail to amaze and inspire his students and many of them have even left
their dead-end jobs to become full-time internet entrepreneurs.

Jaz Lai is currently considered one of Asian’s hottest rising superstars in the Internet Marketing arena.