3 Tips That I Pick Up From The God Of Songs


Last Sunday, I finally got a chance to attend a Jacky Cheung concert. To many, he was the God of Songs.

In his heyday, Jacky Cheung was regarded as the new Michael Jackson by Business Week.

With a 25-year career that accumulated numerous awards, he was one of the artistes whom I truly respect.

So when I heard that he was going to be in town, there were no doubts in my mind that I should grab this opportunity to see him live in person.

And he did not disappoint.

As an artiste, Jacky was not afraid to try out new songs and style. (His latest is Jazz by the way.)

That was prominent in the first half of the concert. But he knows his fans.

He knows that people love his classic songs, so towards the middle of the concert, he rolled them out with an unmatched enthusiasm.

In the second half of the concert, he knew that people wanted to leave the concert with good memories, so he belted out high-energy songs that hyped everyone up even more.

Needless to say, I enjoyed his concert tremendously.

Jacky’s concert is a good example of how businesses should be run.

Often, business owners are unwilling to try out something new.

In my opinion, people should not be afraid to try out new methods to generate more results.

If you’re like me, an Internet Marketer, and your focus is on building a list of subscribers, you should not be afraid to try new lead generation methods.

In fact, if you want to get more traffic, make it a habit to test and see if your new traffic methods work.

The more you test, the more results you get.

Sure, you may fail along the way, but failure is a form of feedback.

And the more feedback you get, the more you know what to do and what not to do.

The second thing I advocate is, give people what they want.

Think from your subscribers’ point of view.

What do they want when they join your mailing list?

What do your customers want to learn from you when they buy your products?

If you can give your customers what they want, your sales will naturally keep getting better.

Lastly, you must be able to entertain your subscribers and customers.

Jacky Cheung did this really well in his concert with a good gameplan.

He deliberately planned out the sequence of his songs to ensure that the audience leaves for home happy, and not disappointed.

Your business should be the same.

Your priority is not just about selling to your customers all the time.

Get them to engage with you.

Have them give you feedback.

Do surveys if you need to know what your customers want.

Make videos for them to watch.

Get them to interact with you, so that you can increase their responsiveness.

You need to understand your customers first before anything else.

I dare say that, any business owner who makes use of these tips can never fail.

People often fail for various reasons, but not understanding your customers is a reason that almost every business owner commits as a major mistake.

I hope that by reading this, you’re able to propel your business to greater heights!

If you need more resources to bring your business to the next level.

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