5 Marketers Who Quit Their Job – Case Study


2010 was a really great year for me.

I really thank God I had a chance to explore so many places and experience so many things such as:

– Going for a holiday in 5 different countries (Japan, Bali, Philippines, Hong Kong, China)
– Having the time freedom and leverage to work 1-2 hours per day on average
– As a mentor, I’ve helped 5 Internet marketers quit their job

I want to share a bit about these 5 marketers. You see, one of the reasons for their success they have today is because they “Focus on the result, Not the excuse”.

This is a big difference when it comes to the success factor.

It is the fundamental difference between ‘doing your best’ and ‘doing whatever it takes’.

Anyone can claim that they do their best based on the resources given to them. But doing whatever it takes is more important – it is a totally different ballgame.

If you claim to ‘do your best’ but it doesn’t get the result, it may be because your best is not good enough. It could be a different method.

A person who fails and focuses on the excuse may sound really justified that they’ve “read all the books, tried to work out the technical details, tried this and that…” and that Internet marketing ‘does not work for them’.

This is the excuse.

There are thousands of successful Internet marketers in the world today.

Most of them had started out without a mentor or without money (some in debt!) It sounds brutal but people buy into their own b.s. and that is why they fail!

But a person who does whatever it takes to succeed cuts out all the crap and does what is needed.

They are willing to build a relationship, they are willing to learn and work hard.

Even when it comes to driving traffic to their website, it may seem hard but they will do whatever it takes to look for the right solutions.

Bottom line is, they did exactly what was needed for success.

If success was about building a fire, they looked for firewood and that’s why they succeed. Don’t ask for fire first if you’re not willing to bring the firewood.

There’s another marketer beyond these five that I’d like to single out.

His name is Khai Ng.

You may or may not know him but he is very successful in Internet marketing because he had done the exact principles I’ve said above!

He is ‘sort of’ my student and when I met him back in 2008, he was also ‘sort of’ in a ‘job’ (Actually, he was working online full time back in 2008 as a ghostwriter and a copywriter so it was sort of a ‘job’ to him if you look from this perspective)

Being in Internet marketing longer than him, he came to me and asked me a lot of things about Internet marketing and I shared with him many of the things that led me to the success I have today.

He did whatever it takes.

He even asked me to do a product launch together with him which was his first. The sale was a huge success.

Then we went on to create even more projects and created an even bigger success.

Later on, he went on to produce his own Inspiration DNA series which is a huge library of personal development private label rights.

After 15 months, the brand has expanded to become the biggest personal development PLR brand in the world with hundreds of E-books, marketing materials, audio, videos, training materials and many more…

Khai’s (now 6 figure) Inspiration DNA brand is a testament to the principles of success.

He was willing to do whatever it took to succeed and he now no longer writes for others (as a job) but is now a force to be reckoned with in Internet marketing.

I’m truly proud of him.

P.S. After all the success that Khai has achieved, he has now released his latest and most awesome product blowout for the New Year in 2011 (This is his way of giving back to the community).

This blowout has $56,165.27 worth of products that you can purchase for an extremely lucrative offer.

This offer only lasts 3 days so head on over here to find out more:

Download your Inspiration DNA here.


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  1. Winson Lim says:

    Hey Jaz,
    That’s precisely how I succeed making money online. I made a decision to do whatever it takes to succeed and then I succeeded.

    It’s that simple but it’s hard for most people as they have a very negative mindset abt internet marketing.


  2. M A Hashim says:

    There is a saying which says ;” Whoever walks on the road should arrive ,”
    These days ,am reading for Mr Khai ,and I totally agree with you that he is the best example for dedication and hardwork .this is in addition to his self development and love to help others .
    To my humble knowlege and short experience in the internet sphere , as i am only
    a beginner and a student of Mr Khai , I dare say he is establishing a new school in the intenet market and I feel confident that he will achive his goals soon .

  3. Hi Jaz,

    I clearly understand the need to do the right things to succeed as you have mentioned. Some people may achieve success earlier and faster than the others.

    Being a newbie in IM, I find that its no difference in doing whatever business. It definitely takes persistence and patient to succeed. The only thing I find that its sometimes tricky and need to really look further than what you see in front of you.


  4. Sandy says:

    I’m very encouraged by reading the above and I’m keen to start (I’ve been doing research and there’s information overload and this is confusion stage, unfortunately)! If someone here would like to do a coffee with me and show me the way somehow i’d be eternally grateful and this is the start of a great new year for me!

  5. alley says:

    Really thankful for this post Jaz.

    “Focus on a result, not the excuses”. I am really inspired. 🙂

  6. Mirna says:

    so inspired.. : )

  7. LiewKS says:

    Can I go to your office to learn more of the system.
    I am really a newbie in computer I need to learn the basics.
    Can I contact you in office please help me quit my job?

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