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A few days back, I received contrasting comments from two of my students on Facebook.

Reading those comments, it highlighted to me once again how mindsets are what make or break your ability to succeed.

In my business, I’ve seen it countless times while coaching my students.

It’s often easy to tell who are the ones who will succeed, and who are the ones who will not.

Truth is, everyone can do it. Success is a choice.

It’s just a matter of looking beyond one’s self-imposed limitations.

If you’ll refer to the screenshot on top, Lets call him H – who is one of my students – wasn’t too encouraged after getting 8 opt-ins on his list, and with no sales.

In all fairness, 8 opt-ins isn’t a figure to boast about since this is the first time he started driving traffic to his website.

But the mindset after getting 8 opt-ins was one of dejection.

H sounded like he had a thought of giving up.

For someone who’s new to the business, this happens so often it’s almost scary.

This is the type of mentality that separates the winners and the losers.

Now, if you’ll refer to the second image I’ve attached above, you’ll notice that another of my students, let’s call him L, managed to get 4 opt-ins from 3,000 clicks (with no sales also).

In my opinion, that’s a very bad conversion rate. But yet, he is so happy that he managed to get opt-ins.

In fact, now that he know how to get leads, he is motivated to strive even harder.

The contrasting mindsets between H and L suggests that these two will make very different decisions on their journey to success.

In ‘The Little Big Things’ by Tom Peters, a world-renowned author on business management practices, he stated that, “To succeed, you have to try more stuff than the other guy – fast.”

He proceeds to mention that, “If you spend the time to try more stuff, you’ll make lots of mistakes.”

And then, he said, “Hence, screwing up a lot is a very good sign of progress – perhaps the only sure sign.”

Therefore, in conclusion, he added that, “We must celebrate screw-ups!”

I made a passing comment in my post last week (link to that failure is a form of feedback.

Clearly, both H and L received their feedback.

Instead of pondering on the issue, which in H’s case was “only 4 opt-ins”, why not ponder on the solution instead?

The question is therefore, “how do I get more opt-ins subscribers then?”

At the end of the day, I’d like to ask my readers this question. Which is more empowering?

“Oh shit, I lost my job.”


“Oh shit, I lost my job. What do I do now?”

Think about it.

In the meantime, I’d like to leave you guys with a quote from Phil Daniels, a successful Australian businessman, who attributed his success to six words – “Reward excellent failures. Punish mediocre successes.”

Remember, success is a choice. YOUR choice.

P.S. Before starting an internet business or any businesses, having the right thinking is always the first thing that you must achieve.

In fact this is the “Key” to your success.

Little do people realize that the true secret to success is already within them, yet they never happen to look there.

And unfortunately, in most instances, they always turned this “key” off.

So what I want to share with you today is that you can actually turn “On” your key to success.

I can show you exactly how to awaken that millionaire within you.

You can look inside yourself, using this step-by-step system, and instantly have more money, more time, and more freedom than you’ve ever had before… but you must first tap open your key to success!

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  1. Steve says:

    Totally agreed with you Jaz. We must stay committed to get results.

  2. Amuro Wesley says:

    1 hard lesson I learn from internet marketing is that it is not a get rich quick business despite the hype most gurus made about their programs and so-called miracle software.

    I have been marketing online for 3 years.

    Currently my subscriber list stands at 205 optins and I am now earning $20-50 per day average. But that is through a lot of hard work. Keyword research, writing articles, creating blog and web content, placing ads, bookmarks, press releases and videos.

    What you say, I totally agree with you.

  3. Kent says:

    Indeed, it is often easy to put the blame on the things that does not work, forgetting that there are many ways to position yourself and possibilities to succeed. No one likes to fail, but if someone has tuned his mind to escape reality, they will always choose that way. Making the right choices truly empowers!

  4. I am not trying to make excuses for others however, I believe the reason why people (in this example H & L) might have such attitude is because they have been given the wrong impression that this is an easy business that requires no set up capital or just S$30 in your pocket and you can see result in a few days’ time. That was the impression I get when I attended the workshop too. When you start the business, you will realized that is not the case. In fact, you need a substantial sum of money and there are many man hours involved. I know nothing is impossible, we can achieve sucess by staying focus, being consistent and preseverance. Therefore, I urge that the guru’s of these internet marketing workshops, to be honest and truthful to share the hardship of this business instead of just the success stories so that many are physically and mentally prepared.

  5. anil says:

    I also believe in positive thinking, I will really appreciate positive attitude of everyone. Though I don’t have any website but I will get it soon.

  6. Hi Jaz like you…. even i have a desire to travel and since i do not have companion i will have to travel alone.i have not much knowledge what i feel if someone with me i am missing and who is much more knowledgable to convince my parents and take me with him like a true companion i shall be very glad.i have no one and i really miss my travelling experiences and get delayed day by day and months after months.Anyway it brings tears in my eyes to see your photographs of travelling to distant and new places and to find out how lucky you are.Thank You

  7. ihwan says:

    success is a choice .. It said the words that are less fit …. (if life is a choice .. I agree).
    Surely we can achieve successful long wanted to do something. And do not ever despair,, try – try again if a failure … experience is a real teacher .. I learned from experience and mistakes .. regards

  8. jcw says:

    Nice article and agree. Newbies sometimes are deceived with
    all hype empty promises opportunities being marketed today.
    You have to put some effort (work) in any opportunity and
    be consistent with how you are marketing. Don’t Give Up.
    Learn By Your Mistakes Not To Make Those Mistakes Again
    and Move One.

  9. Jaz Lai says:


    I think you miss the point here.

    There are many ways to get started. The paid way or the free way. It’s all up to you to chose which way. And the thing is this for most people:

    If you chose the paid way, then don’t complain that you need to spend money.

    If you chose the free way, then don’t complain you need to spend a lot of time.

    Irregardless of either ways, most newbie will complain. Only those that work towards their goal will achieve results.

    I have never see people who complain all the time succeed.

    There is no such thing as preparing for a workshop or training mentally and physically. It’s either you want it or you don’t.

    It’s the desire that counts, not the preparation.

    Forget about Ready, Aim, Fire.

    Go for Ready, Fire then Re-aim.

    You will achieve success much much faster!

  10. Randy Seet says:

    @ Angeline, I do agree with you in some way but I believed it is Not the gurus for instance Jaz Lai didn’t create the impression that Internet Marketing is a Get Rich Fast path.

    It’s the “One Click Button” Software that gives this impression I don’t advocate these products but from other point of View those people looking for Get Rich Fast Software create the DEMAND. This is a Business. 🙂

    @ Jaz Lai, people tend to whine and blame other of their circumstance. Most of time, newbies are frustrated of the products or even Gurus not because it don’t work. It’s because of their own action and belief. I’m not here to mock at anyone I have been there before. PEACE All. 🙂

    Sometime, I feel for you and other Gurus because most of your students and customers have the Mind Set of “Yes, I’m attending Jaz Lai seminar tomorrow and will become as successful as him soon.” They are in the midst of their own problems. (Usually Not Related to IM).

    Its nature in IM field that people feel this is a preferable way to build a business faster and I do agree.

    Lastly please let me add some thoughts to your readers.

    Solve External Problem 1st before you commence any business. For my Instance, I use to work long hours and have no energy on my IM stuff after my day job. So I change to a part-time job and this is a tough decision but glad I did.

    Refer to this article discussion of the contrasting thoughts of building a list.
    Some might complain of not having a successful list building campaign and the money or time of investment are fruitless. I do believed one of the reasons people whine is because they don’t really understand the power of having a responsive list.

    I prefer quality than quantity lists.

    Treat the lists like friends and provide information that helps them to progress further in your Market. If need be skype with them. Just like the way you treat your best friend.

    Choose between time and money. Both of these options we need to find places where there are huge flows of people gather every day. Example Dating Niche looks for forum, blog or video sharing channel.

    Invest your time by providing valuable information like guest post; create video for popular niche channel and commenting. Look for Niche Video Channel that own an establish brick and mortar business where they are more willing to take up your offer of content creation. The reason is because a Dating Consultant Expert is busy with their personal consultation training or workshop and they rarely take time to create video. The experts don’t market the channel so much they still have a huge numbers of viewers because of their expertise and it will be great for anyone who offer them constant content.

    As for investing money simply advertise like ads swap, banner and other. Remember to test and analyze the ROI.

    “You can See result even though the product is REHASH”

    “You can See result even though the product is CRAP”

    “You CANNOT See result if you don’t keep on working”

    Thanks for your time reading this comment.

    Randy Seet
    God Bless

  11. Jaz Lai says:


    You are right. IM is just a tools for you to reach your financial goal. It’s the mindset that stops them from reaching it.

    Just like what Robert Kiyosaki always say, if you hang around 9 unsuccessful people, guess who’s number 10?

    Only when I wake up and realized that strategies and methods form just a small part of a success online business, and mindset is 80% of it, my business start moving up at a much faster pace.

  12. Brent says:

    I agree Jaz, all success begins with your mindset! Look past those obstacles and keep your eyes on the end goal!

  13. I totally agree on the mindset and that we need to know that for every screw up we are getting closer to success, so giving up is not a option. I know that from all my mistakes if I did not keep going I would not be where I am at today…thanks for your post on this subject.

  14. Patty says:

    Great post! We were discussing this just last night at our Fireside Chat. What you think about you bring about …create that picture of success and what you want the results to look like is key! Shifting the mindset takes practice, everyday until…it becomes real. Are you the designated driver of your life?

  15. Jaz Lai says:

    Law of attraction Patty!
    Thanks for dropping by

  16. I enjoyed this article.

    You cannot out do your lips or your subconscious is what I always say.

    What I am saying is with a cry baby mindset you will not push through
    failure to achieve success. You will only cry and complain about what
    is not taking place instead of improving on your current results.

    Having a good mindset has gotten me through alot of failures in my business
    as well as given me a greater sense to achieve and improve on my weaknesses.

    Fail forward!!!

    Thanks for the post bro.

  17. Jaz Lai says:

    Fail forward! That’s a nice one Shawn.

  18. Very true… it’s what we learn from our failures and how we deal with them that will ultimately decide our fate. Everyone fails — it’s the ones that take that failure, tweak it and try again that will ultimately find the success they desire.

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