Because Your English Sucks, I Can’t Trust You!


Jack (my subscriber) commented on my previous email :

You wrote, “… me and my team are still relaxing…”

When speaking properly, you would not say, “me is still relaxing.” “My team is still relaxing would be OK.”

Proper English ALWAYS requires you to say, “My team and I are still relaxing.”

Don’t say phrases like, “Me and Joe ate pizza.” Always say, “Joe and I ate pizza.”

Hope that helps. Regardless of any personal belief in the importance of good English usage, the FACT remains you will lose a LOT of credibility when making simple English errors. My belief is that when a writer could care less about having important English content properly edited, they probably perform everything else in the same half-ass manner.

What are my qualifications to make these comments? I have earned an undergraduate degree in English, a Doctor of Jurisprudence law degree and a PhD in International Trade.

Well, I sent out an email a couple of days back about clearing off your debts, and I received a reply from one of my subscribers.

As you can see from the quote above, my subscriber proceeded to correct my English and even gave me some advice, which I highly appreciate.

Some of you may wonder if I would be offended (especially when he said I WILL always perform in a half-ass manner).

The truth is as far as it can get.

I have already accepted that my English is not the best in the world (I got an F in school), so it wasn’t an insult or anything.

But I feel that it is important to show everyone this reply, and my response to it because I don’t believe that my English standard presents a handicap to my business.

Truth is, sometimes, we really don’t have the time to get our English properly edited before we send out our emails.

Especially when we are sending out daily emails.

So, instead of waiting for my writer to come back with my edited email.

I’d rather write out the email myself, and have it sent out immediately. At least the message comes from my heart.

In my opinion, my business would not have succeeded without sincerity, and that is what makes my business tick.

Subscribers are not stupid people. My subscribers are smart, as highlighted in the quote above. Just look at Jack’s qualifications.

A degree in English and a PhD in International Trade.

And me… I can’t even pass my secondary school English exam.

But what I can tell you is that people can detect sincerity.

They know when someone is typing up emails just to get their subscribers to buy something, and they know when the person really cares too.

Besides, people can lie about many things, but results and statistics don’t lie.

It’s the passion about your business that brings the money, not the other way round.

We are a success, simply because we love what we do, with or without a handicap in English.

Sure, subscribers may wonder about my credibility, but that’s at the initial phase.

They always come to realise later on that the passion is obvious. Because let’s face it, finding someone who actually cares in this day and age is rare.

Everyone is out to sell someone something nowadays, be it themselves or their products.

The number of people I know who actually cares is always in my inner circle, and if I ever recommend someone, it’s because I hold that person in high esteem.

These people are always passionate about their business.

Mind you, it’s not the drive to earn the money.

The money will come, it’s almost a given. It’s the love for their work, and the overwhelming need to share without asking for anything back.

That itself works wonders. People often ask me how I managed to become a success, and I tell them the same thing always. Sincerity and passion.

People like people who care, that’s the truth. Throw in passion, and everything skyrockets.

You won’t ever find anything a chore if you are passionate about it. In fact, from the moment you wake up, you will be consumed by a desire to keep going with what you do.

I like to compare this to the courtship process in dating. When a man really likes a lady, he will be motivated on his own to chase her. It works the same way.

So for those out there who think that, just because your English is not up to scratch, please do not be discouraged! Always remember… there are many successful businessmen in Asia, and it’s not because their English is good!

Hope that helps!

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  1. Penny says:

    Hi Jaz,
    It’s always good to have feedback regardless of whether it is go or bad.
    Actually before I read the person’s credentials I already knew the person would either be a lawyer or editor.

    Yes,there are some professions who think proper english is impt and checking your work before sending out represents a full or all out effort and you are right that sincerity will always shine through.

  2. Jaz Lai says:

    You are right Penny.

    In my opinion, there are no right or wrong in this case. It’s your own preference.
    See you on Wed!

  3. Shatish Rao says:

    Hi Jaz,

    I’ve been your subscriber for quite a while now, I enjoy reading your emails and everything you do has a personal touch to it.

    Especially when you share pictures and videos from your daily life.

    The way you communicate to your subscribers is what makes you unique. It doesn’t matter how your English is but you seem sincere in what you do and for that, you’ve earned my trust.

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to great things from you Jaz!


  4. Jaz Lai says:

    One huge vote from Shatish!

    Thanks buddy!

  5. mark says:

    I obviously didn’t write that comment, nor would I. It’s obviously grammatically wrong.
    I have pondered recently, while sat watching television, whether it really matters.
    I have seen recently, a show, where well known celebrities, both English and American, who are, to coin a phrase, “thick as bricks”.
    Not only are they grammatically inept; but also they are poorly educated generally.
    In one particular show, not one of twelve people knew the nearest ocean to the U.K. Most didn’t know the difference between a sea and an ocean. One didn’t know basic Continent locations.
    These people were contestants in a British show called “Big Brother”. They each earned an estimated £30,000 for three weeks “work”. I wish I could earn that kind of money.

  6. Amigo Jaz
    Yo no sé si su ingles es perfecto, pero siempre disfruto su mensaje edificante y hasta para el alma de las personas. Me valgo del traductor y le escribo de igual manera en Español, con mi fe que leerá en su idioma natal.

  7. Truence says:

    As for me, language is just a bridge for communication. As long as the “key word” is in the sentence you are expressing, people will definitely understand the meaning. Like what you say, sincrerity is the major factor in communication.

  8. Randy Seet says:


    As Perry has mentioned it is because of his profession and use to speak and write perfect English. However, in IM and direct Sales businesses, majority of the Top Sales or PR personnel are able to seal deal is because of relationship and speak alike to their audiences not how good their Language are.

    Maybe it’s because I also fail my English Language.

    I would say we need passion and treat it as a Lifestyle and Routine instead of a Must do Chore.

    If not sooner or later we will lack back of motivation and zeal to continue.

  9. Rufus says:

    Jack, How many language do
    you speak, or half fast try to speak?
    How many profitable business do
    you have, on or off line?

    Mark, I agree with you, about Americans
    & their lack of education.

    There is to much focus on degrees and the
    likes, & not enough on actually knowledge.

    Once they have that paper, they think that’s
    all they need.

    Society promote it by requiring the paper
    over the education or experience.

  10. Jaz Lai says:

    How I wish there is a “Big Brother” show in Singapore. I heard it’s quite popular. I would love to watch it

  11. Jaz Lai says:

    I totally agree with you Truence!

  12. Mental Math says:

    Very well said………there are many successful businessmen in Asia, and it’s not because their English is good! Thanks for speak for us.

  13. Jack ass says:

    “What are my qualifications to make these comments? I have earned an undergraduate degree in English, a Doctor of Jurisprudence law degree and a PhD in International Trade. ”

    But this Jack is not as rich as you, Jaz,. LOL

    And yet he sounds such a snob, particularly when he chose to end off his ‘teaching’ by the above quoted paragraph. I don’t admire high qualification people, it is used to boost your credentials, but seldom we see successful businessmen and world leaders and great men of history have the academic certs the likes of this Jack.

    Jack ass is not half-ass. Is that bad English, Jack?

  14. James Elliott says:

    Hi Jaz,

    I ain’t earned an undergraduate degree in English, or a Doctor of Jurisprudence law degree and a PhD in International Trade but I have a lot of experance in BS.

    Getting a F in English is not hard. I did the same in spelling so if the word looks wrong just guess at it. I don’t have a friend named Joe bet me and my family eat pizza too. Don’t worry if your Engled is not good I have lived for 70 years and I don’t get it right. I have been on your list a long time and don’t really care if you say me and joe ate pizza or joe and I aite pizza. Either one tells us you and joe or should I say joe and you ate pizza!

    Don’t worry about the Jacks with the papers and phd’s. Keep doing what you are doing and if he has a problem with your choice and the way you place them then he can always delete his subscription and fint some one with a PHd he can subscribe to.


  15. HI JAZ!
    I never learn english…So I can say: I will found 1 good MLM Guru in China with good product or good social media- where become people 50% minimum…
    website you become- from me!
    Webinar in english become you for wednesday…..when you will….
    Kind regards, Alojz

  16. Patrick Boo says:

    Just a new hubby and your jobs is to make BABY to be a good SINGAPOREAN
    yes YOU SUCKS our blood, and i m still in BT Timah hiil, up in the trees.
    Yes i have fruits to eat, but strect my neck so long looking out 4 help that when you see me again, i wil be a mongriffe – new invenion, not poor singlish???

  17. Bert says:

    Hi Jaz,

    While speaking/writing proper English is good, but it does not necessarily mean that you will not succeed in Business.

    I agree with you, “Passion and Sincerity” far outweighs speaking/writing proper English when it comes to Business success.

    I personally know some Businessman which are millionaire here in Singapore, yet they are not really that proficient in both spoken and written English.

    So I am with you Jaz in this case.

    Keep up the good work and in sharing your business knowledge to your subscribers!

    Best regards,

  18. Dawn says:

    Hi Jaz, I think you do very well considering English is not your first language. I do hate it when English speakers use bad English, but I don’t mind one bit when the person isn’t a native speaker of English. Keep up the good work.

  19. Zailinah says:

    It’s not about how ‘good’ you are in the language. It’s about conveying your thoughts and ideas. Most importantly, the receiver grasps/understands what you’re saying.

    I just met a highly successful property marketer whose clients come from all walks of life and he speaks ‘Noose’ kind of English.

  20. Hi Jaz,

    It’s exactly what you say: it’s what comes from the heart with love and sincerity that makes the difference.

    This is the main reason I bought your programs, I felt that you are sincere and love to share with anyone who is open to listen and learn, how we can achieve our own dreams in life, following your success model – personal and business.

    A few notes to think about that I will always remember:

    Feedback is just information; it’s NEUTRAL, it’s just what it is. There is only one who is giving it a meaning: -positive or negative- ME! It’s MY choice. No one else has the power to make me feel good or bad about myself. Only I have that power. I use feedback to learn and become a better person.

    Language is only a very small part of the way we communicate, most of our communication is through our BODY and other energy that we can’t see but certainly feel. A human being is much more than just a mind formulating words, there are also emotions/feelings and a body. Easy to remember, and very essential: just look at ourselves…

    Nobody is perfect and I am happy it is so! We are made to be imperfect to remind us we need eachother, so we can love and respect eachother for who we are. We are all unique and that makes life so beautiful and exciting!

    I am excited to have you as my mentor, Jaz. You are a big man, with a big heart. Please share yourself as much as you can, in your way – don’t be lazy and/or stingy doing this :))

    You are a clear light in the darkness surrounding us in this world!

  21. Jaz Lai says:

    Wow! That’s a good one James

  22. Jaz Lai says:

    Thanks Bert. I love to help people like you. Keep it up!

  23. Jaz Lai says:

    Zallinah, noose English is getting more and more popular. Haha!

  24. Jaz Lai says:

    Thanks for your great comment Rik. I’m sure you will be the next up and coming guru. See you at the top!

  25. Hi, ya, I need you help me to build a business and send guru of the project, I am just start and I don’t have enoungh money so I need not book or dadtop be myselfe so I email to you becuase you have a good business before and I know you are big man to help.

    ok have a nice day and good tip.

    pelase fine back.

    take care you.

  26. Lola Ajayi says:

    Its a good thing that you share this with your fans cos i know lots of people will benefit from it. Your mistake isnt bad all, its part of the common mistakes we made on daily basis. The most important thing is the clarity of your expressions and points. I salute your courage to have shared it, you are really a good mentor.more grease to your elbow. ride on cheers!

  27. Ivan Ong says:

    Hey Jaz,

    Everyone knows your English isn’t good. So if one day you start sending out proper English and perfect sentence structure in your email. Ordinary folks like myself who have been your subscriber for a long time would know that this email isn’t written by you but simply outsourced.

    This may even backfire and lose your personal touch to your emails.

    We subscribe to your emails because we want to hear what you have to say, not some English PHD professor that can speak perfect English.

    Thumbs up to your generosity and your willingness to share and give back without asking for anything in return!

    Your good Buddy,
    Ivan Ong

  28. Jaz Lai says:

    Good point Ivan. Great to hear that.

    Thanks buddy

  29. Yvonne Tan says:

    It’s a superficial assumption to think that if someone didn’t write in perfect English, he/she performs task in a half-ass manner. Being a graduate in English doesn’t mean you should go around correcting everybody’s grammar and sentence structure. Shouldn’t a graduate (let alone a Dr) more open-minded and mature after so many years of education?

    Hi Jaz, I’m sure most of your loyal readers/subscribers would rather you spend the time writing your real thoughts/feelings and sharing ‘nuggets of gold’ rather than spend the time going through your email/blog post and thinking about grammar 🙂

  30. Jaz Lai says:

    Thanks for your support Yvonne. You are one of those that I love sending emails to. Let’s keep improving!

  31. Alvin Leow says:

    My English as poor as well, so I can get the same kind of income as you ha ha!

  32. Jaz Lai says:

    Haha. Alvin, that’s a good one

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