Beware Of Paypal Scammers


Nowadays scammers are getting more and more real.

Look at this message that I received from “Paypal”.

I was wondering how come my Paypal is sending money when I didn’t initiate it and they are sending it from my bank account.

So I immediately use another computer and login to my Paypal to check and I didn’t see anything unusually there.

Looks like this is a scammer’s email.

Remember, if you receive any emails that you have any doubt with…


I have received a lot of emails from Paypal, Banks and even my autoresponder telling me to verify my accounts or to login.

When you receive emails like like, always open a new browser and login from there.

Once you have login, check if there is any message and see if there is anything wrong with your account.

Most of the time there should be nothing.

So take note and beware of the scammers!

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  1. Low Soi Wah says:

    Hi Jaz

    From your past experience, how do you tell at prima facie whether emails which you received are scams besides looking at the source of the sender. Also, how to detect whether the attachments are infected with virus of any kind without clicking to open them…….

    S W Low

  2. Jaz Lai says:

    Sometimes it’s not easy to tell. So instead of clicking the link in the email, you just login to your account and check.

  3. Lovenus Goh says:

    Hi Jaz,

    This is really scary. It looks almost perfect. I cannot seem to see any flaws in this email.

    Thank you for this valuable lesson.

    Best Regards,
    Lovenus Goh

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