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So, today is actually a very busy day for me, because I am preparing for a seminar that is about to start 3 hours from now.

As I took a short break from all that crazy preparation, I decided to check my email and see if anything important might have popped into my inbox.

One of my students – his name is Floyd – had sent me an email. Inside the email, he sent me 2 screenshots.

He sounded really excited.

Now, Floyd is a very busy person. He hardly gets the time to devote to his online business, because he’s so busy with his work and has a family to take care of as well.

So we catered our training to his schedule, and taught him one very simple strategy which he could use right away to make money online. I call this strategy ‘ad swapping’.

Anyway, in those screenshots, one of them contained the statistics to his efforts over the past 2 months, and the other was his results.

With a simple strategy like ‘ad swapping’, Floyd was able to save himself a lot of time finding ways to drive traffic to his website.

So if you see the first screenshot below, you’ll notice that the statistics span over 2 months.

It’s nothing mind-blowing, but for someone new to the online business scene, its tangible proof that what we teach works.

Floyd was able to get a total of 233 opt-ins over the months of July and August.

Compare that with the 719 clicks he received, that’s a 32% click-to-optin ratio, which is pretty good for this industry. (Let’s not forget he’s only start using adswap strategy for only 2 months…)

Now, take a look at the second screenshot.

Floyd managed to make a nice sum of US$537.50 out of the 233 opt-ins he received.

Like I said, he doesn’t have much time, so he uses the spare 4-5 hours per week to focus on his online business.

But let’s break down the statistics for you.

Dividing the profits with the number of opt-ins, Floyd managed to make $2.30 per lead. That’s not a lot, but the industry standard is $1 per lead.

That’s more than a 100% increase in terms of results.

That’s why when people question the viability of my business, I always have the confidence to deal with any skepticism I might face.

If you wish to achieve results like Floyd, there are two things you need to take note of.

First of all, you need to CONCENTRATE on building up your subscriber list.

Second of all, you need to have LOTS OF SOLID PRODUCTS you can sell because every single successful marketer knows the winning formula – having tons of products means multiple streams of income.

The same customers in your list will buy more than one product – it’s a given fact!

So having more products is like it is effectively doubling your subscriber list’s effectiveness.

We teach that in our training all the time, and my students have even reported results within the first day of applying their lessons.

That is why I highly recommend another one of my star student’s tools he has created.

I’m sure you are familiar with Khai Ng – he will supply you with an endless stream of quality products that you can rebrand as your own and sell it as through you own it yourself.

Check out his Inspiration DNA here.

If you are like Floyd and you really want to save a lot of time, this is by far the best way to go because everything is already done for you – the product, the sales letter, the lead capture page, the thank you page, the promo emails for you to promote to your list, the articles you can use for submitting to the directories and the keyword list that will show you everything you can target.

Like an ‘ad swipe’, this is a ‘product and marketing swipe’.

If you keep things simple, and apply these two concepts, making money online becomes really simple.

Floyd has already shown us the proof.

Now, all you need to do, is get out there and start doing like he did!


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  1. Toh CF says:

    Hi Jaz, thanks for sharing this inspirational success story. It motivates me to try and try and never give up. I’m glad I took up you coaching. Go, go, go, all the way!!!!

  2. carlos says:

    Can I have an opportunity doing this kind of things is what my friends. Say last time n…

  3. Jaz Lai says:

    Yes CF, go go go. See you at the top!


    Hi Jaz, thanks for sharing this inspirational success story. It motivates me to try and try and never give up. I’m glad I took up you coaching. Go, go, go, all the way!!!!

  5. Jaz Lai says:

    Sure Satyapal. Looking forward to showing you more online stuffs.

  6. Premlal dewli says:

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  12. Dalinton says:

    Honestly, in as much onlline business keeps poppin up, it seems uncertain cos i’v been tradin online n have neva made a dime,yet i wil b told “ITS FREE” only 4me to get involved 2find out dat d next level demands enroling wit cash. its so unfortunate dat i can’t continu. i need 2feel my 1st cash b4 i “invest” again.

  13. salham says:

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