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One of the most often asked question I received is :

“Jaz, I have limited marketing budget. How can I drive target traffic to my website for free?”

If you are facing the same problem (especially when you are starting out), then you will love this under underutilized method that I am going to share with you today.

What I am going to share with you today is what we call: Forum Marketing.

Forum marketing is a great way that internet business owners use to promote their product or idea.

It is one of the most popular free advertising methods on the internet today.

All it takes is a little time and effort on your part on a daily basis on whatever discussions are going on for that current day.

There are five very good reasons why forum marketing works great for many website owners.

1. Whenever you post, you are helping someone else that may have a problem or suggestion.

This will give you a feeling of satisfaction that you have done something to help someone else.

Also the concept of give and you shall receive definitely applies here.

If you give to another member then you shall receive when they click on your signature line and visit your site.

2. You will also learn a lot of valuable and very useful information for absolutely no cost to you.

When you first join a forum it is a good idea to lurk around the forum for anywhere from a couple of days to a week till you get the feel for the forum.

As you read other peoples posts you will be surprised at the amount of free information that you will receive.

This information can be a valuable tool to increase your forum marketing campaign.

3. You get free advertising through your signature line.

As you begin to post on the forums people will begin to see your signature line and click on it which leads them directly to your website.

This is where you can advertise your domain name and business.

This free advertising can add up to a lot of profit through the sales of the forum members.

4. Search engines will give you a credit when you create backlinks after creating a hyperlink to your website.

These backlinks will increase your ranking in the search engine.

The higher you are on the search engine the more customers you will generate outside of the forum. This will, as a result, lead to even more profits.

5. You can get ideas for articles that you can place on your blog or the article submission site of your choice.

When you submit an article to any of these sites, you can also add your website address.

Once again this will drive even more traffic to your site and lead to even more profits.

Remember: You are not allowed to post your domain name in the post itself though as this is considered spamming and can get your post deleted and you banned from the forum.

Place them in your signature instead.

To search for forums related to your niche. Go to Google and key in “Niche +forum” and you will see tons of related forums that you can market to.

Another option is to go to Big-Boards.com and search for your niche.

Once you have chosen your forum, go and start posting and you will see traffic and sales start rolling in.

As you can see a forum marketing site is a great benefit to have.

With all of the different ways of earning profit you will be raking in the money in no time.

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  1. Muhsin says:

    Dear Jaz,

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful post!

    I actually started forum marketing actively 1 week ago
    and managed to see small results coming in already.

    After reading this post, i feel much more confident
    that I am going in the right direction listening to your


  2. Angeline Hoon says:

    Thanks Jaz. Learnt something new today. Have a great holiday in Bangkok and enjoy your sashimi ­čÖé

  3. Jaz Lai says:

    Thanks Angeline. Didn’t hear from you for a while

  4. Jaz Lai says:

    Muhsin, you are in safe hand. Keep doing and you will achieve greater results.

  5. Bangkok muy lindo lugar de acuerdo a las fotograf├şas. Me imagino que estar├ís tomando muchas filmaciones para mostrarles a los amigos. Es muy importante hacerle conocer a mis amigos que aparte de gran conocedor de trabajos por Internet eres un gran actor de cine. Un artista de primera linea, tenemos que hacer unos aportes tus amigos y hacer una serie de filmaciones bajo tu direcci├│n para mostrar por la TV de internet. Las ayudas que est├ís dando como oportunidade de ganar y generar ganancias por medio de tus conocimientos y las c├ítedras que est├ís dando es realmente importante. Gracias.

  6. Gremar says:

    Thank you Jaz for this very valuable information, i’ve never use this method before…and i’m excitedto try and do it now… Enjoy your holiday in Bangkok…!

  7. Jim May says:

    Hi Jaz,

    Awesome post on traffic generation as always…

    But you might want to fix the spelling for big-boards.com. Big-Broads.com might be a totally different site…

  8. Jaz Lai says:

    Thanks for letting me know Jim.

  9. Alex Yew says:

    Hi Jaz,

    My website (which just set up 2 weeks ago) is now ranking on Yahoo’s first page for the keywords I chose. It has not been indiced on Google but I think it will be shown up soon.

    Thanks for your guidance which I used your “Article Marketing” to promote my site. I become Platinum Level Expert Author in Ezinearticles after submitting 10 articles.

    May I know how can I make use of Yahoo’s first page ranking of my website and to monetize my website?

    Thanks in advance. I need some advise from expert like you.

  10. Jaz Lai says:

    There is nothing much you can do. Just make sure there is something for sale in your website or to generate leads

  11. amit dave says:

    This is a great piece of advice.

    I’ve started doing forum marketing, and it’s a nice feeling when you provide someone with an answer and they reply saying “thankyou”. ­čÖé

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