How To Create Irresistible Headlines That Makes People Buy


There you are, standing in the grocery checkout line, bored out of your brain.There you are, standing in the grocery checkout line, bored out of your brain.


All of a sudden, a word or picture from the rack of magazines hits you right between the eyes and says, “Hey Over Here!! Look at me!!”

Your head begins to turn.

You see the Irresistible Headline.

Quickly, doing the job it is supposed to do, the headline bores its way into your brain and moves you into powerless submission.

With a mind of its own, your hand stretches out and grabs the publication.

You understand the empty promises; you’ve been told this nonsense before.

But this may be some red-hot reading!

You, like a robot, slap the mag down on top of some milk and eggs in the cart.

Why are you doing this?

Well… all I can say is that 90% of the time, it’s because of the “Magic Headline” that caught your eye and make you react to it.

So in today’s blog post, let’s talk about how you can easier create your own magical headline.

There are 3 categories of headlines: Benefit Headline, Emotion Headline and Benefit and Emotion Combo Headline.

Benefit Headline

Why is this so crucial?

Because that’s exactly the question your site visitor will ask: “What’s in it for me?”

Put yourself in his or her shoes for a minute. “What would you want from this if you were the buyer?

“What will your buyer get?

How will it meet his wishes and needs?

Don’t assume that because the site visitor really doesn’t need the product that he won’t want it.

If he likes it and it’s convenient and helpful, he’ll likely get it.

It’s your job to help him recognize just how helpful it is, just how convenient it is, and just how much he may truly like it!

Benefit headlines are a great direct way to put your message out there.

Here are some examples of direct benefit headlines that I have used before:

“How An Ex-Retail Owner And A College Dropout Discovered A Much Easier And Quicker Way To Generate Endless Leads And Fast Cash On Autopilot Without Lifting A Finger!”

“Here’s Your Only Chance To Discover 7 Simple, Yet Powerful Ways To Rake In Ultra-Responsive Subscribers And Bank In Unlimited Cash Anytime You Send Out An Email!”

“Two Easy ‘Paste & Recruit’ Steps That Will Easily Build You 2,346 Downlines At Warp Speed!”

Emotion Headline

This one works best for me!

Touch on the key matters in your prospect’s life.

Utilize picture words that touch off strong mental images and tug at your reader’s wants.

Add feeling to your content and give your audience the answers they’ve long sought.

There’s nothing more seductive and more likable to your prospect than a couple of potent words that immediately spark off positive, enjoyable feelings.

Desire is a potent force that can work in your favor.

But it first needs to be let loose.

It’s your challenge to awaken the sleeping desire and put across a scenario of possibility.

If your prospect can see it as possible, it brings on a feeling of confidence that he can accomplish it too.

But you need to paint the picture first of all to offer hope and inspiration.

Here’s a couple of Emotional headlines that I like:

“Still Overweight After Trying Every Fab Diet Program!”

“Uncovered – The Ultimate Secret To Getting Rich! Coz Hard Work Is Just Not The Answer!”

“How I Made My First Million Dollars On The Internet… While Others Are Still Dumb, Broke, Sick And Tired!”

Benefit and Emotion Combo Headline

Combining these two techniques can also have a really beneficial outcome as you are both pulling at the heartstrings of your side visitor and providing the reason that your product or service can offer a benefit to your buyer.

Put together with a attention grabbing photograph, this can be extremely powerful!

Put together both and this is what you get:

“Need More Money? Here’s How To Turn Your Computer Into Your Personal ATM Machine!”

“Stops Diahorrea In 30 Minutes Without Swallowing Pills!”

“I’m So Confident That My System Can Make You a 6-Figure Network Marketing Superstar That I’m Willing To Pay You $100 To Prove It!”

Now you’ve discovered my 3 simple secrets for writing amazing headlines.

But don’t just quit there!

Check out the headline you’re working on and use whatever I have shown you to beef up your responses?


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  1. I think true emotional key words do help alot. Thanks and jesus is blessing us, amen.

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    Jaz, no wonder you are so successful. Great stuff!

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