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I was being interviewed by one of the major newspaper in Malaysia and I think I shared quite a lot of tips about email marketing.

The content in this newspaper article is definitely very helpful if you want to get results from your email marketing campaign.

Have a good read at this article and let me know what is the one main thing you learn from it?

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Hit the comment button below and let me know what is the one main thing you learn from this newspaper article?


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  1. m ihwan says:

    Once I receive it please send us an email name – was born – password (email) … due to start next year and delete this email must pay .. so we help
    you finish it.

    And it turns out the email spam and a lie. So email is the cornerstone of a variety of activities. In that paper I also learned to improve the chances of a successful email marketing. Moreover, I am more interested in internet marketing,,, then email marketing is a very interesting knowledge … regards

  2. Gerald says:

    Good tip sharing! Most people concentrate lot of effort in their website and product yet forgotten the power of email marketing.

    Waiting for your next sharing!

  3. Ethel Jones says:

    Everyone, we have an up and rising star with Jaz Lai, He is
    going to be one of the gurus very soon. He may not seem to
    be, but with his potential he will go far, Good Luck and just
    keep this great work up. You are doing great.


    as iam new to this site, I will send my comments next time. Please send me the e-mail and oter material .

  5. Wee LSN says:

    I find the article too small to read even after I clicked to open it up. How to make it bigger do that I can read it easily?

  6. Fabio Emer says:

    Iยดm newbie, but it seems to make sense. Thanks for the info.

  7. Negin says:

    Hello. I received your mail & although I rarely spend time to read long articles I read your interview & the main thing I learned from it was that you can make money through emails & the most important purpose is to make people know you & trust you first then try to sell them. It is important to send them mails frequently & your mails should be short, to the point, interesting with pictures preferebly. Keep it simple English.

  8. Douglas Poh says:

    Thanks Jaz. I have downloaded your Free gift. Appreciate very much.

  9. zarina says:

    thanks jaz.i have dowloaded your free gift. saya cukup menghargainya.terima kasih.

  10. david tay says:

    Thanks for your email marketing tips and great job!

  11. Bernard Teo says:

    Hi Jaz,
    Thanks for your interesting articles on internet marketing tips.
    I had downloaded your wonderful gift.
    Looking forward more tips and gift in the near future.


  12. ANTANAS says:

    **Helou Mr.Jaz***I have downloaded your free gift,apreciate very nice.Thanks.

  13. It was an amazing one jaz. thanks for email marketing

  14. WEIRONG says:

    I want to get JAZ LAi new product issue. I trust it will be helpful for internet marketer.

  15. Lip Seng says:

    Good article. Interesting read.

  16. Shereef says:

    hay that is very slovely returned. pls. give me a little more

    but it is better steps

    thank you

  17. Maxi says:

    Thank for the sharing on Email marketing! Learn something new today!


  18. Felicia says:

    Nice to hear about this article ,it will really be good for marketing, excellent , keep it up.

  19. C.J. says:

    Thanks, Jaz, I will definitely have a read!

  20. Dawn says:

    Hi Jaz,

    Now i know why i dont make a single cent with clickbank.i’m lack of email marketing.gonna try it again.

    thanks for the tips ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. M Shahrin says:

    This is good. Thank You, Jaz for sharing .

  22. sandra says:

    quero prestigiar .beijos.bay bay

  23. Ome says:

    Great tips in the email marketing stuff. Yep, the money is in the list ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. steven says:

    Thanks i recieved the it but i have download your free offer.

  25. Amzad says:

    Thanks fro this mail & I would download it for free.

  26. michael jelacic says:

    Email list is definitely where THE $$ is.. I like your strategy. No spam, No selling, very good this is why you do well. But do you think email marketing is slowing down so to speak most people look at it as scam over here i know that. Immediate when they see a package or squeeze page like yours all white they say scam..
    they throw away fast or.. Work from Home Scam!! throw away.. It is definitely making a turn towards mobile and it seems the emarketers are in their last push to sell what they can with email marketing.. I will change how people think about these different ways of making income because i will explain it in deatail to them and show them how to do it also. i think when i make my package i will go on TV and give it all away for free.. tell them to pay me later when they make some money.. this way it proves i am confident they will make money.. and most likely help me out in return as well.. Thata the route i think i am going to go because it will be my own package and howTo instructions that we are making it also includes some mobile strategys too.. it will be rt to the point no baiting and trying to make them read for 3 days down a big whit sheet telling them what you are going to give and what they will gwet and how much they will make and how its a deal and how the seller is rich and how he was poor and what they get again and what they will make and how good of a deal it is and it’s free of charge and … then the thing always costs moneyyyyy ahhhhhh 471 bucks I was getting excited mabey i finally caught a break and me and my team could start with something small and easy like your package… but we cant afford it.. mabey when we have 471 buck i will buy but i must spend on many different things rt now mabey in a month i spend 37 bucks and make my site sell those get clickbank or awebber and see what they have me do while my guys make out tutorial videos and fill our gated site up with howTo content that will only be a dollar to join but a friend did this and she made 225 grand her first 2 months.. I do 10 times what she does so i hope that says a little bit of how things may turn out.. after that forget about it .. taking over the world!! Ok I write alot to you have to make up for all the reading i did from your 100 emails.. lol thanks again – mj

    I want to put a package together soon that i have been working on that shows these people 50 different ways to make a legitimate income from home. i dnt know about 10 grand a month but i know you can make money online i have yet to do so but i will so as soon as wee catch a break somewhere or win something..

    mabey today i will win lotto you never know.. but def by the end of the month i sold some land that i had so when that comes in new imac new i cloud new everything and we can get to work for real… i have alot to do many plans many ideas

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