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I was being interviewed by one of the major newspaper in Malaysia and I think I shared quite a lot of tips about email marketing.

The content in this newspaper article is definitely very helpful if you want to get results from your email marketing campaign.

Have a good read at this article and let me know what is the one main thing you learn from it?

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Hit the comment button below and let me know what is the one main thing you learn from this newspaper article?


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  1. John says:


  2. Randy Seet says:

    Thanks for the tips, So true don’t hard sell on your email and let the sales page do the work.

    One thing I learn from your article is to know the objective of the email.

  3. Cyrus Yung says:

    Hi Jaz,

    Good to hear from you that you got interviewed again.

    Treat your list as your friend.

  4. Jun Hong says:

    Thank you!. Kind of enlightening. Yes Curiousity kills the cat, but in this case it’s harmless. I’m stuck in the same situation, cause i’m curious about how β€œHow To Start a Profitable Internet Business With Zero Dollar” totally FREE…

    Being straight to the point, Timeless and evergreen concept keeping oneself competitive in the market, and never spam. Junk mails and spam mails usually hit the nerve of many internet users.

    One thing for sure: Proactive helps.

  5. Kent Chen says:

    Congratulations, you will gather an even larger following after this interview!

  6. Alvis says:

    Cool stuff Jaz ! It helps us πŸ˜€

    Congratz !

  7. Suk Ching says:

    Hi Jaz,

    Cool tips….best…I shall call you the Maestro of List building.
    What I learn is that list building is not spamming.
    List building is important as it helps an entrepreneur
    in that it acts as a filter where it separates curious onlookers
    from the serious potential customers interested in your products and services
    which is advertised on the website.
    In short, the list building concept acts as a tool which increases the conversion
    rate of a potential buyer to a customer that much higher.Maestro

  8. Masood says:

    I am not about adding images in the emial and prefer to use simple text emails. Thanks for giving me a number of emails to enter in my autoresponder account. I never went pass after 5 emails.

  9. James says:

    Hi Jaz,

    Thanks for teling us about the interview and putting
    it here so we could see the tips.

    Great tips. There some that send several emails a day could use these tips but I am non into name calling the delete button works great

  10. Great Article πŸ™‚
    I really like the “Don’t hard sell . . . . compose your email like you are sharing something interesting”
    So many great pointers!

  11. Douglas Poh says:


    Recently, I attended your workshop preview and was very inspired. I have attended 2 other courses before by others, I am confident that you will be very effective in your workshop, the tips you shared in the preview and the newspaper shows your sincerity to teach and help people to have a financial breakthrough.

    Thanks Jaz for your generousity.

  12. jayesh says:

    this is greats jaz,i great tips of the day

  13. Irvin Tan says:

    That’s great. Congratz. Jaz

  14. Shatish says:

    Hi Jaz,

    Thanks for sharing this interview with us,it gives me the motivation i
    need to work towards my goals and congrats on your success.

  15. Randy says:

    Thanks Jaz,
    You always share good info
    Thanks for the ideas

  16. Ty says:

    Excellent tips, but will they work for my Avon biz?

  17. Akhil says:

    hiii jaz its really fantastic…i got to know the basic of email strategy

  18. my name is william ortega and i want to know if you can help me to build a website marketing can me please my number is 504-638-3623 thank you

  19. Rahman Basri says:

    Really interesting… πŸ™‚ Email Marketing is my Favourite Topic in Internet Marketing….

  20. Ajay says:

    Email marketing is very vital indeed, hopefully these tips will improve our chances of successful email marketing campaigns.

  21. Nawaraj Karki says:

    Thank you i like that..

    NawarajDownload: http://www.ieType.com/f.php?FItUqQ

  22. Johan says:

    Hi there, this sounds great, but how can i get in on the action.

  23. Alan says:

    this will help me with my marketing stragedy to improve a lot for I am strugeling to make money online if any one can help me please let me know

  24. Boy says:

    Thx u jaz for your time and kind…:)

    God Luck…:)

  25. Ashish tyagi says:

    its really great to hear this kind of internet marketing system……… but i am still thinking that is it possible to earn this much ….. through net…..only

  26. Greg Smith says:

    Hi Jaz,

    Nice bit of free publicity there for your 3 day event πŸ™‚

    I have to agree with everything you say in the article, its so important
    to build a good relationship with your list.


  27. Ricardo says:

    These are really great tips, Jaz!

    Especially what you mentioned that email marketing is the simplest and easiest way of marketing online. Just like you said, not many have technical skills when it comes to SEO, blogging, or website design.

    Email marketing basically uses skills we have already, which is sending an email. Ok, maybe there is a a bit of learning like email formatting, and not using it for hard sell, or even using an autoresponder. But the hurdles aren’t that hard.

    Appreciate your tips – they’re quite instructive!

  28. Jason says:

    Jaz Lai is certainly an IM Guru you can rely on.

  29. bima says:

    tx jazz, i also consider about it n keep tryin’

  30. Soon Lim says:

    Some real gems in email marketing. Wonderful stuff.

  31. Audrey Smith says:

    Very good article.
    I am sure you will get more friends
    and comments from this article. You definately
    practice what you preach. This is also list building
    You just taught me how to create a list by doing what you are
    doing. Love it Love e m

  32. Carson Leong says:

    Congratulation, happy to hear it.

  33. Desmond Tan says:

    great article ! great strategy !

  34. Jaz Lai says:

    Wow! Thanks guys!

    Didn’t expect so many people to take action.

    I am now touching up on my new ebook and I will let you know once done.

  35. Jeejo says:

    Wow…Congratulations. All your write-ups are a brainer. Can’t wait for your new e-books…Keep up the good work.

  36. holaaaa!!! escribo desde argentina espero poder saber, mas sobre este metodo que tu propones, no se de que se trata, pero espero poder tener trafico en mi blog gracias JAZ LAI un abrazo desde la argentina.

  37. Patrick Boo says:

    I have signed up for your 3 days workshop which is due to start. But right now my email is bombard with video which I’m wondering if it is scam or real thing?

  38. Yeo says:

    Great stuff. I will definitely would like to learn the IM techniques from you.

  39. Rick ky says:

    Great article for sharing….

  40. Calvin says:

    Wow Jaz, great stuff for sharing. I agreed most of the things mentioned like the email marketing. I will be like you someday. Definitely! πŸ™‚

  41. Florence says:


    Yup.. I love email marketing. How I wish to blast an email and earn thousands.

    How to build a list. Hope you will create a pushbutton software for listbuilding.

    Thank you.

  42. Gremar says:

    Thank you Jaz for sharing, its indeed the most secret to be followed by a newbie like to become a successful internet marketer. I look forward to your new product…i can’t have a hands on it…Congrats!

  43. Howard says:

    Hi Jaz, thanks for great sharing. I like the email marketing and wanted to start immediately.

  44. Kelv says:

    Cool strategy
    Got to view from macro.
    You nail it man!!



  45. Hazre says:

    Hey Jaz!

    That is purely good content!
    I have just finished doing my website, now trying email marketing thru Getresponse.com. But things have been a bit slow, only have 9 Subscribers at the moment. Any tips to boost my subscriber list?


  46. tom says:

    thanz for sharing, its an honour.

  47. Samantha Lim says:

    thanks for sharing this.
    cant wait to learn from you in August!

  48. Great post mate! I wish you best of luck!

  49. Rasel says:

    Nice bit of free publicity there for your 3 day event πŸ™‚

    I have to agree with everything you say in the article, its so important
    to build a good relationship with your list.


  50. Hi Jaz,

    Good sharing! Building a solid business starts with a email list.
    by the way, is the 3-day Inbox explosion workshop will be held in KL?


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