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A few days back, I received contrasting comments from two of my students on Facebook.

Reading those comments, it highlighted to me once again how mindsets are what make or break your ability to succeed.

In my business, I’ve seen it countless times while coaching my students.

It’s often easy to tell who are the ones who will succeed, and who are the ones who will not.

Truth is, everyone can do it. Success is a choice.

It’s just a matter of looking beyond one’s self-imposed limitations.

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Last Sunday, I finally got a chance to attend a Jacky Cheung concert. To many, he was the God of Songs.

In his heyday, Jacky Cheung was regarded as the new Michael Jackson by Business Week.

With a 25-year career that accumulated numerous awards, he was one of the artistes whom I truly respect.

So when I heard that he was going to be in town, there were no doubts in my mind that I should grab this opportunity to see him live in person.

And he did not disappoint.

As an artiste, Jacky was not afraid to try out new songs and style. (His latest is Jazz by the way.)

That was prominent in the first half of the concert. But he knows his fans.

He knows that people love his classic songs, so towards the middle of the concert, he rolled them out with an unmatched enthusiasm.

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So, today is actually a very busy day for me, because I am preparing for a seminar that is about to start 3 hours from now.

As I took a short break from all that crazy preparation, I decided to check my email and see if anything important might have popped into my inbox.

One of my students – his name is Floyd – had sent me an email. Inside the email, he sent me 2 screenshots.

He sounded really excited.

Now, Floyd is a very busy person. He hardly gets the time to devote to his online business, because he’s so busy with his work and has a family to take care of as well.

So we catered our training to his schedule, and taught him one very simple strategy which he could use right away to make money online. I call this strategy ‘ad swapping’.

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Happy 46th Birthday, Singapore!

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Today’s a special day for all of us. If you hit the streets… you’ll see a lot people dawning upon red and white combinations in their clothes, the colors that represent the Singapore Flag.

9th August marks our nation’s 46th year of independence.

A date to remember since the year 1965… when the fate of Singapore was molded from a poor little fishing village to now, one of the biggest financial giants in Asia.

Historically, Singapore’s economy was based primarily on its role as an entrepôt for neighboring countries due to its strategic geographic location at the entrance to the Straits of Malacca.

It did not have minerals or other primary products of its own to export, but it served a major economic function by processing and transshipping the goods of nearby lands.

The Port of Singapore is the busiest in the world, surpassing Rotterdam and Hong Kong.

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Newspaper Interview

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Click on the image to open up the newspaper article.

I was being interviewed by one of the major newspaper in Malaysia and I think I shared quite a lot of tips about email marketing.

The content in this newspaper article is definitely very helpful if you want to get results from your email marketing campaign.

Have a good read at this article and let me know what is the one main thing you learn from it?

Hit the comment button now.

If we hit 25 comments, you will get my brand new ebook “How To Start a Profitable Internet Business With Zero Dollar” totally FREE…

I intent to sell this for $47 but you can get it for FREE. All I need is 25 comments.

Hit the comment button below and let me know what is the one main thing you learn from this newspaper article?


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Regrettably, we have a huge problem with patience and perseverance as we live in a world where we require instant results.

If we’re hungry, we need fast food!

If we’re feeling blue we need instant satisfaction.

However let’s look at a story of perseverance.

I was reading through an article in our local newspaper and I was inspired by one of our local singer.

Derrick Hoh is a fast-rising singer from Singapore.

In 2005, Derrick tried out for Project SuperStar, a national talent singing competition in Singapore.

His unequaled singing abilities were noticed and he moved on to be a finalist and gained nation-wide recognition.

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I am currently in Bali now for a 1 week break and It’s nothing but the Sun, sand and the beach.

Life is wonderful and stress free here.

By the way, I just came back from a fun ATV trip and the exciting white water rafting.

Will post up some photos when I am back in Singapore.

Before I go off, my buddy Daegan Smith send me this article which I find it to be very useful.

Have a good read at this and if you decided to take up his offer. I will be offering you my exclusive personal coaching for 2 full months.

You will get my personal email address and you can ask me any questions regarding your home business or online business.

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Okay, now let’s pretend that you have a lot of money.

And with a portion of that money, you get to spend any way you’d like on your Internet or home business.

Let’s say that amount is $5000. Woo hoo!

Now… with $5000 here’s what I would do with it. I could spend it on:

Education – Learn even more about Internet marketing. This includes IM books, self-help books, copywriting books, and attending professional seminars. Going to lots of seminars will allow me to rub shoulders with the movers and shakers, and maybe work out some beneficial deals.

Mentor/coach – Have someone tell me what to do, step by step, to take my online business to an insanely successful level. This could get me from point A to point B a lot faster.

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I Love Passive Income

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One of the greatest business models in the world is the passive income model. It is so good that I would consider it as a gift from heaven.

See these two checks below?

Yes, that’s right. I receive stuffs like this month after month after month (and this is just one of the products I am promoting).

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2010 was a really great year for me.

I really thank God I had a chance to explore so many places and experience so many things such as:

– Going for a holiday in 5 different countries (Japan, Bali, Philippines, Hong Kong, China)
– Having the time freedom and leverage to work 1-2 hours per day on average
– As a mentor, I’ve helped 5 Internet marketers quit their job

I want to share a bit about these 5 marketers. You see, one of the reasons for their success they have today is because they “Focus on the result, Not the excuse”.

This is a big difference when it comes to the success factor.

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