Should Everyone Use Social Media?


Should Everyone Use Social Media?

When a person first decides to become an online marketer, they’re bombarded from the right and left with advice about what they should do. These “should do’s” include build a website, sell affiliate products, create your own product, grow a list of subscribers, put content on your site, do article marketing, get on Facebook, and start tweeting on Twitter.

It’s enough to make your head spin, isn’t it? Some marketers can do these things, but they spend every moment trying to keep up AND be successful with all of it.

Then there are the offline businesses. Of course, the big guy can afford to pay people to specialize in the different aspects of their online presence.

Then there’s the little guy, the one who does it all, who doesn’t have the time (and possibly doesn’t have the desire) to do it all.

But because they’re told they “should do” these things, including social media, they either don’t do it effectively or they have no time left to do their actual offline business.

I’m talking about the gal who does manicures and pedicures or the guy who does landscaping jobs.

If they are in the business they’re in because they love doing it and they’ve already got a good customer base, then why ask them to take time away from doing what they love just so they can tweet?

While social media can help many businesses, I just don’t think it’s for everyone, whether you have an offline or online business.

Even if you’re an online marketer, you only have so much time in the day and you have to decide which is the best marketing avenue for you. Don’t feel guilty if you’re not “On The Twitter” (as Betty White says in a commercial.)

What say you?

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