The 4 Types of Internet Marketers


So, I was teaching a group of students from my previous workshop and more or less, I could already foresee who would be able to pull through and make it in internet marketing and who would eventually give up half way through.

So far, my judgement has been right as I have already conducted more than 10 workshops over the past few years and I noticed that my students fall into either one of these 4 categories of marketers. And I’ll explain each one clearly.

1. Unplanned marketers – People who have no skills in internet marketing and do not want to learn.

You’ll probably wonder why they would attend my workshop in the first place. Usually, this group of students don’t attend the programme of their own accord. They are either being “forced” or dragged along by their peers and loved ones.

Normally, I wouldn’t pay any attention to this group of people. More often than not, they are the most sceptical among the four groups – they’re just like closed doors. They are the type of people who would question every single thing you say – period.

Even if you show them your income statement, they are probably going to give you 101 reasons why it is fake. I do come across students like that in the past. Some of them were really annoying that they actually disrupt the class by making senseless and sarcastic remarks, which affects morale of the class.

Nowadays, I always made sure to tell them that if they were not the least interested in learning how to make money online, do not enrol onto my programmes.

2. Forced Marketers – People with technical skills but do not want to do internet marketing

Again, this is the other group of people I would least spend the time and effort on. Sometimes, these group of students are being sponsored by their companies to attend the course.

In a way, they are also forced to learn internet marketing. Some even have the luxury to be paid to learn!

Well, some of them are certainly admirable in terms of their technical knowledge and creativity. But I noticed that these students are contented with doing programming, creating websites or graphic designing, for a living. No matter how good they are with I.T, it’s still going to behard to fill up a glass that’s already full.

Some of them actually understand the potential of internet marketing and the rewards in can bring them. But you’ll be surprised that some of these IT savvy students actually see internet marketing a hassle and they would rather stick to their dead end jobs instead of venturing out on their own. How’s that for getting too comfortable in your comfort zone?

3. Potential Marketer –  People with no I.T knowledge but want to learn how to do internet marketing

This group of students whom I also like to refer to as, the “Under-dogs”. Well, some may think that not being equipped with the technical knowledge can cause quite a fair bit of disadvantage among the other marketers. But I beg to differ.

Internet Marketing is all about marketing and not so much of the technicalities. (Otherwise it’ll be called something else.) In fact, many of the technical aspects of the business, you’ll only need to handle it once and you don’t really have to bother with it. I also started off my home-business without knowing a thing about HTML as well.

I would say that I really enjoy teaching these students, even though I have to teach them from scratch.

They do stand a fair chance in succeeding online. The only challenge they face when they are off on their own is that, they might get too distracted by many other models of making money and they try to do so many things at a time without completing any of them in the process. And this could be a real hazard that could stop them from having the success that they want.

4. Talented Marketer – People equipped with the I.T knowledge and want to learn how to do internet marketing

I would say, this has to be the best group of students that I enjoy teaching most. And usually, this group of students also achieve results the fastest.

Having equipped with the technical aspects of Internet Marketing certainly does them a good boost in internet marketing because they understand what is being taught better than the rest of the students and they absorb information up quickly, like a sponge.  It’s almost like a second language to them.

Recently, I got a call from one of the students… He told me that he hit his USD10, 000 mark within 6 weeks into the business! I couldn’t be more proud of him. And the irony is that, at the beginning, he didn’t thought much about internet marketing. But one of my former students who was his friend, dragged him along to the workshop before he really see the value of what ‘this’ could bring him.

I bet he’s never been more grateful to himself that he made the right decision to learn what internet marketing is all about.

So, my friend, which category do you think you belong to? If you belong to the third and fourth group, it’ll be easier for you to find an Internet Marketing Guru to coach you.

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  1. Think I am between 3 and 4. Still hard work but learning more all the time. Just waiting for the bank account to build up then I’ll buy myself a diamond or two.
    Do like your new template for the blog. Really cool.
    Diamonds are a girls best friend so am sure your girlfriend will love being spoilt.
    Good luck.

  2. Goh says:

    Jaz, I started off in 3 and I think I am in number 4 right now. I have gathered a lot of IM techniques and skills over the year and I think I am only just one step away from being a successful IM. I hope to follow you and learn more and maybe one day be as successful as you. Thanks for the great post.

  3. Joshua Chan says:

    I think I belong in the third group.

    I need more guidance and people to work with I guess.

  4. kathy abraham says:

    Hi Jaz,

    I belong to the third group.

    I think my full-time job is taking up my time. 1 of these days I’m afraid will get burn-out unless I do something with my internet marketing seriously

    You’ve opened my eyes, Jaz.

    Thanks Jaz 🙂

  5. sky says:

    I am at the 3rd kind going into 4th soon.

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