The Greatest Opportunity In The World


Before the Internet became commercialized in the 90s, people had to rely on physical businesses to make money.

It is after the Internet boom that the world began to see more millionaires pop up year after year.

Unfortunately, poverty is still a major issue in this world.

I am always thankful that I managed to get my finances sorted out at this young age.

Anyone who’s being following me will know my story. My fashion retail businesses failed, and I landed myself in a 6-figure debt in 2004.

It is with the Internet that I managed to turn things around, and become financially free.

As I sit here in my office, I noticed a link on my Facebook about tens of thousands of people living in cages in Hong Kong, like dogs.

As I read the article, I began to wonder if these people are ever going to get out of their situation.

It seems to me that they may never have a chance to help themselves.

These poor Hong Kong people are already struggling to survive. They definitely do not have Internet access, unlike you and I.

So there isn’t even a need to talk about helping them to find ways to build their Internet business; that’s just not possible.

The very fact that you are reading this blog post already means you are way ahead of them in terms of luck and opportunity.

Like me, you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to build a business online, that will help you earn passive income for the life that you want to get.

Every minute that you delay from here on, makes it even more difficult for you to start. Here’s why.

At the very beginning when the Internet became commercialized, and people began selling online, it was easy to get your websites up on the #1 ranking.

Article marketing back then was really easy. You just needed to build backlinks to your article, and that will get it up on Google’s top 10.

Today, with Google’s various changes, and the latest Panda updates, getting ranked #1 is no longer as simple., which is the #1 site for article marketers, recently got its ass kicked by Google. No longer will you see an Ezine Article ranked that highly anymore.

The longer you take to start your Internet business idea, the harder it will take for you to succeed.

With all these changes, Internet marketers have had to adapt.

There is a heavier focus these days on good content. And let’s face it, for those who aren’t good at writing, you are only going to find it harder than ever.

Therefore, don’t waste any more time.

Stop letting go of the chance that the Internet provides.

Right now, there are more and more people succeeding online, because what we have been doing for years is still working.

This is the perfect time to get started. To build your business online, and make the income that you want.

I am very lucky to have seize the chance to start my internet business when I saw this opportunity years ago.

There are many situations when I wanted to give up because of the lack of focus and knowledge but I persist on.

Because of my persistent, my income also doubled every year.

My business right now is still growing at a fantastic rate and this year will definitely be more than last year.

In fact, at the moment I am only running two type of business model. The information business and the education business model.

Right now, I am in the midst of setting up an e-commence business model and I am looking for the right partner to set up an advertising business that focus on helping companies out there generate leads.

As you can see, the internet right now present one of the greatest opportunity there is.

It level the playing field and allow common people like you and me to achieve financial freedom.

So do it now before it becomes harder and harder in the next few years.

The sooner you start, the sooner you enjoy a new lease of life.


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  1. kc wong says:

    outstandin stuff jaz!! btw, do u hv any idea how can i contact lionel?

  2. Jaz Lai says:

    Wong, you can contact Lionel at

  3. Ke says:

    Jaz how difficult do you think it will be in the next few years to become a millionaire? I don’t think things will change that drastically in 5 years will they? The number of people online by 2015 will be almost 1/3 more than in 2010, there’s a ton of customers coming online still.

  4. Penny says:

    HI Jaz, the Internet has really leveled the playing field. NOw we see many college aged kids like founder of Facebook becoming billionaires whilst on the other side of the scale we see some in their mid-forties being laid off.

    It”s a crazy world but the Internet is here to stay and leverage on it is one of the best ways to get going and get ahead. It presents one of the best ways for people to create their ‘magic button’ income.

  5. ali says:

    hi jaz your photo you show the world alone without work you are relex and have much money and spend until it end no photo in market no photo in factory no photo in your office always singing want to fly like birds and so on …!

  6. Kevan says:

    My heart feel empathy for those people who live in that environment.
    The personal space is so negligible that I admire their fighting spirit to live life in their uncontrollable destiny!
    Given a chance & opportunity, I believe they will place their life as poker game “show hand” since they have nothing to lose at all…

    I am very blessed with what I have.

    It quite true that when a person have achieve more, the “holding back force” is stronger.
    Jaz, apprehend your journey & IM is indeed a challenging path since i enroute 1 year ago..

    Thank for constant support & sharing…
    This little thingy get my mind back to focus after lose concentration.

  7. Hi Jaz,

    I heard about the living conditions of some poor Hong Kongers, that you have shared, a long time ago and I felt helpless about what I can do to help them.

    Then I realize that I am in Singapore and I began to wonder if such a thing also exist here.

    Not really but I bet that there are some Singaporeans that lived as if they lived in a “cage” and that they feel that they are living a live of “no choice”.

    I sometimes wonder if the Singaporean poor would be willing to:

    1. buy a netbook
    2. subscribe to cheap internet
    3. willing to do whatever it takes to make that first dollar on the internet and
    4. wiling to adapt as the rules of the game keeps changing.

    I know that I got into internet marketing through this way and one obstacle was to create my PayPal account because they wanted my Credit Card details.

    I managed to get over that when the Banks came out with Debit Cards that works just like a Credit Card and I was making some money.

    Of course, I didn’t turn out like you but I am still going at it until one day I get what you and many others like you got:

    “More Time and More Money”

    In my opinion, Internet Marketing is just like doing any business and that it is like riding a gigantic roller coaster.

    I know that when I decided to ride it, I was also taking my friends and family with me, but not all of them were willing to continue with the ride because it was SCARY.

    Most of them got off but I still continued at it because I know that one day, I’ll reach it.

    I know that PROCRASTINATION is key to my problems and that mine is like a huge tree with roots that has taken years to grow.

    I know that I have got to chop that tree down, but it is a one tough oak.

    I’m taking the advice of a wise man who said “That there are some trees that are not worth tending that that they are too huge to cut down. One must simply stop tending it by turning around and leave it and let it be. Find new seeds and sow it and grow new ones.”

    Thanks, Jaz, for being around to post good blogs so that the little guy like myself always look forward to some good reads in the in-box.

    Keep up the good job and you have an awesome life ahead, ok?


  8. Calvin says:

    Hi Jaz, For me personally, I think Internet is one of the greatest opportunity right now. Lets say starting up a business, no matter what capital is involved. Doing shop business always require huge capital but doing online, less capital is needed. And doing online is more easier than having a shop.

    You see nowadays, more and more youngsters having their own blogshop. Some did really quite well. But how do they did so well then? Is all about exposure like advertising and doing marketing. Example, facebook.

    You can leverage on internet to expose you and your stuff for 24/7 and no extra charge at all. The most you maybe just paying some advertising fee on ads. The rest like articles, it will be there forever and backlinks too be there forever.

    For what google has changed, I don’t think it really bothers me. All I need to do just can a writer or a service to write articles for you. Of course you have to make sure that they are unique. Or just get a SEO service to do SEO job for you and you still able to rank well and get tons of traffic too. Somemore these services can be found cheap if you know where to find them. In fact, I know. 🙂

    If the world without Internet, I think we will be living in a boring life now!

  9. Calvin says:

    Sorry, one line to edit..

    *All I need to do just can a writer or a service to write articles for me.

  10. hanneng says:

    The internet has huge opportunities, only if you know how to use the information.
    There are too much data out there, but not everyone know how to sort out the useful data and convert into opportunities.

  11. Jaz Lai says:

    Ke, it won’t be difficult if you stay focus on your objective and the right business model. But it definitely will be more competitive as the year comes by

  12. Jaz Lai says:

    That’s right Penny. The Internet allows people who don’t have huge budget to set up their own Internet business. It’s no longer about the big corporation that have huge budget but those individual that are committed

  13. Jaz Lai says:

    You are welcome Kevan. I expect to see you at the top soon!

  14. Jaz Lai says:

    Allef, it’s a good thing that we stay in a place where we have all these opportunities in front of us. I guess it is really tough for the really poor to get out of the rat race since survival is already a very tough issue for them

  15. Jaz Lai says:

    Haha. Yes Calvin, I guess without the Internet in the 21st century life will be damn boring.

  16. I joint your company or your business

  17. Cliffton says:

    I think it is not easy to make money on Internet. However you can make money by conducting workshops. But participants usually don’t benefit.

  18. Lovenus says:

    Hi people. My name is Lovenus.

    Yes. The internet gives everyone a fair chance regardless of your race, age or gender as long as you are willing to put efforts in it. It won’t require you to have a certain education level before you can leverage on it.

    Benefits of the internet for your business:
    Scalability to potential customers
    Speed in delivering a message
    Low maintenance costs
    Work can be outsourced at a low price
    Able to communicate with people using little time

    If you are still not convinced with the power of the internet, always think of Justin Bieber. He was just an ordinary boy but he became famous when his video went viral on Youtube.

    Thus, I agree with Jaz that the internet provides the best opportunity!

  19. Jaz Lai says:

    Cliffton, that’s your own opinion. I have know and have a lot of customers and students who are making money online. If you think it’s easy to earn money conducting workshop then go ahead and try it. Let me know your results from it. I can tell you it’s easier to earn money online than offline

  20. Jaz Lai says:

    Well said Lovenus, see you at the top soon!

  21. Bazza G says:

    Hi Jaz I can see that the internet is the way to go but I have spent lots of money for no return. You pay money and never hear from them again. There are so many scammers out there you just dont know who to trust. I am looking to get involved but extremely wary at this stage. Regrettably I no longer have money to throw around on helpless scams. These people should be put in the cages with the poor devils in Hong Kong. How terrible is that?? They are human like you and me. I do not wish to be negative Jaz and I do want to be involved mate but need assurances down the line. I dont mind hard work as long as you see the profits building up. Best wishes Jaz and all of your other ” hopefuls” ( Just like me).. Regards

  22. Hi Jaz,
    Thank you for speaking from your heart as you always do. I always learn a lot about NMarketing when I read your articles. I also checked out your blog and found some useful tips so I am really grateful.
    On another note I just started Network Marketing about 2-3 months ago and I do feel a bit lost sometimes as a newbie. I am finding it hard to recruit prospects and also what kind of products I could create as an SLO to give something free that is meaningful and valuable. My experience right now is not the right thing to share.
    Your article however makes a lot of sense and I really wish I had the confidence to be more hi tech but it is quite hard to deal with plug-ins, apps and stuff like that. Right now I signed up for a course to work with Ori and I have more confidence.
    I am in the process of setting up my own blog and site and I am now following the modules very very slowly. If you have any suggestions on which magazines or papers are best for placing ads to recruit sales professionals or reps I would be more than happy to give it a try.
    Thank you once again for your leadership.
    Warmest Regards

  23. Kritanan says:


    Hongkong is too small island with highly populated. Capital investment keeps pouring in the island that is why no space for the poor to live. The government must move them somewhere and set up a community for them to live.

    Internet marketing is going with huge players in the markets where they can explore the needs of business formation. The internet marketing is for people to
    see how they get benefits from those markets. Once demand is there supplies
    will be at services to satisfy them.

  24. Jaz Lai says:

    Bazza, I have my fair share of buying bad products and bad coaching as well. I’m not different from any other people. But the thing is I don’t focus on the negative side of it, but to work on the positive part.

    I started hanging out with successful marketers and learn directly from them. It is also your own responsible to make sure you ask questions if you have any. Make the learning more interactive instead of passive and waiting for things to happen.

    Every month I still spend thousands of dollar on products. Some are good and some are bad but I continue to move on and make good for my business

  25. martin yap says:

    Hi Jaz , I agree with Jaz that the internet provides the best opportunity!
    I can see that the internet is the way to go but I have spent lots of money and time for no return.
    Regrettably I do not wish to be negative Jaz I started half year ago Network Marketing with you and I do completely lost as a newbie. I do receive many meaningful and valuable ideas and prospects from you that you are eager to share, but i ended in noway.
    I dont mind hard work as long such as working under you for free,so that i could know more about network,and how to networking from here to there.

    It is quite hard to deal with plug-ins, apps and stuff like that. Right now I do pray and pray that you could overhaul me and get my engine started no doubt i had forward my SOS to your team and I wonder whether you knew about that or had no time for me.
    Every alternate day, I still spend valuable time pondering at your mail, what do you want to share with us and i could not follow up [for last time your class i had register for this and that] and condemn myself a lost sheep when the sun to shine on me.

    Thank you once again for your leadership.
    Warmest Regards
    martin yap

  26. Cecile Lynde says:


    I do believe that the internet is a wonderful asset if used in an ethical and humane way which, unfortunately , far too often it is not. I hope most of us
    want to provide for our families and help friends and then the wider community
    where ( as you noted ) so much help is needed. Unfortunately many use the
    internet in a way that can, and often does, strip away peoples’ hard-earned
    savings and leave them worse off than when thet started trying to make an income online. Wealth for wealth’s sake is never appealing to those who truly

  27. Penny says:

    Hi Jaz,
    I think it;s time you and your team expand to Hong Kong and do your good work there as well.

  28. Rachelle says:


    I have been to Hong Kong once, but I didn’t expect the living condition of the poor people to be so pathetic. I am thankful to be a Singaporean, blessed with so many good things.

    Internet is a very powerful tool in connecting people in both social and business world. We have come to a stage where we can’t do without internet. I believe it is easy and cheap to start businesses with internet. The world is your market and your earning capacity is unlimited. I believe, there will be more multimillionaires in the making in future.

  29. Jaz Lai says:

    Martin, I am not sure what network marketing business did you join. I’m not in any company at the moment as I prefer to create my own opportunity instead of joining opportunity.

    Email me at and let me know how I can help you move forward

  30. Jane Margaret Nakiranda says:

    Internet is indeed an opportunity for all of us to earn a living. I am trying hard to get out of my situation. I am trying to follow your metheods. I hope I can make it some day. I am desperate to make income as I am a single mother with 2 sons. Thanx for the contribution you are making to help us to succed with internet.
    God bless. Jane Margaret Nakiranda

  31. Jaz Lai says:

    You are welcome Jane. Use the information to go creat a better life for your family. See you at the top!

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  33. Going through your entire site, it is very good for me, full of great information. Especially for me, because I am a newbie in this area. Thanks

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