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Jaz Lai on the phone

I received a call from an old friend earlier last week.

His name is Damon, a young guy whom I met in one of the first few internet marketing workshops I’ve attended.

So we’ve known each other for about 4 years now.

He saw one of the ads in the papers about an upcoming seminar that I was conducting and he said he wanted to do some catching up and find out how I was doing with my online business.

We met up for dinner soon after… And I realised that he hasn’t changed much.

Damon was still struggling in his dead-end job and he hasn’t got any website that makes him money.

Then he asked me a question that I get almost every single day. “Jaz, how do you make money from the internet”?

I found it quite hilarious at that moment.

I was like, “Man, how do you think I made money online? We attended the same course”!

Damon went, “I know and I have attended numerous others. But I can’t seem to get started or should I say, I don’t know where to start.”

At that point, I realised that Damon had what you called an “info-junkie” syndrome – A common syndrome that almost all newbies have, especially when they are starting out on their internet marketing venture alone.

And it is very easy to tell whether if you have the “info-junkie” syndrome.

If you’re somebody who hops along seminars after seminars and learn as much as you possibly can, but still never seem to get started… Then yes, you do have “info-junkie” syndrome.

The truth is, there are a lot of different home-business models where one can adopt to make money.

But most people end up overloading themselves with information from a little “here and there” that they get different pieces of the puzzle that don’t fit.

Questions like, “How do I make Money Online?” are derived from confusion and this confusion comes from one thing – People who work online for months, even years, and still don’t succeed can usually attribute their failure to not picking a model and sticking with it!

Well, it’s certainly not as easy as saying, “Okay, I’ll just stick with the affiliate marketing model”. Because, there are in fact hundreds of ways to do affiliate marketing!

Today, you may come across 5 blogs about affiliate marketing that you really like.

So you read everything on their blog and absorbed the information like a sponge.

Now, that should stop you from going confuse right?

Unfortunately for many, the answer is “No.” Because the 5 affiliate marketers may have 5 totally different affiliate marketing models to make money.

It’s definitely a challenge for the average home business owner to make money when they receive ‘mix-signals’ from the different business models out there.

So how should I really get started?

First off, you will need to get a mentor whom you can trust and of course, have made a lot of money from affiliate marketing.

No point learning from different gurus at the beginning when you are only going to get bits and pieces of info on multiple business models and techniques!

There are a lot of people who have made money from the internet today, but everyone of them does things slightly differently.

Next, stick to the specific plan that your mentor has laid out for you. Do not attempt to try to input any ‘new’ strategies into your plan. (Trust me on this, most of the time this can do much worst rather than good for your business.)

You will want to stick to a plan that has been tested and proven to make money, rather than re-inventing the wheel.

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  1. yap says:

    That’s very true Jaz. I’ve been searching for the ‘BEST’ method and have been doing all these ALONE for the past year. No wonder i spent more than i earn online. GIS has been an eye opener for me in a sense i didn’t know there are so many expert internet marketers in SG. I will be attending your upcoming workshop and this time round i know i will truly succeed!


  2. Tim Ackley says:

    I couldn’t agree more!

    Having been an information junkie myself, I can relate to your friends question. One just needs to pick a plan and take action.

  3. Kenny says:

    Agree that most of us started with information overloaded. Mentor is very important to us to review our job because sometimes we just don’t know where has gone wrong although we have spent hours working on it.

  4. penny says:

    HI Jaz, whe is your next seminar?

  5. Jaz Lai says:

    Yes Yap, come to our workshop and just follow our steps and you should hit your first 10k in no time.

    Penny : Due to popular demand, we are bring our workshop back at the end of next month. Let us know if you are interested in attending.

  6. sslee says:

    I d very much to attend yr seminar in KL, which I think shld be end of the year…mean while i also would like to add in the facebook…how to go abt?

  7. Dennis says:

    Good morning Jaz!

    Thanks for the advice.

    I really agreed with what you said that becoming a “info-junky”. Coz I really want to learn how to make money online.
    But the sorry is: I don’t.

    Yeah, finding a mentor would be a first step.

    I’ll be glad to hear from you soon about your INFO’s.

    I’m glad to learn more and become effective.

    God bless!

  8. i was a seminar junkie too or much more like an info-junkie before but have slowed down since am more into implementing what I’ve learned.
    thats true having a mentor is very crucial.
    what i suggest is do a research for a niche that most likely that is in alignment with what you love doing. to be able to sustain in the long term you need to develop a passion in what you will be doing. You have to be a hedgehog. for more info i just wrote about this topic.


  9. After being a seminar junkie for a while, i realise that in any field u just need to attend 1 seminar n learn from just 1 teacher is enough be it in internet marketing or trading.but good thing about a seminar junkie is u gain more exposure to different speaker and sales tactic, so u started to know how to choose and how to judge which is good or not.

  10. penny says:

    Yes, I am interested in attending. Can contact me with the dates via e-mails. Thanks very much.

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