A Case Of An Accidental Singaporean Idol


Do you remember when was the last time you accomplished a goal so great that you are really proud of?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything related to financing returns or what not… just something that you are really passionate about and that it means the whole world to you if you were to achieve it.

It can be anything… What does it feel like to be in that moment of triumph and relief knowing that all your hard work has been paid off.

It’s an amazing feeling isn’t it.

Quite honestly, I haven’t felt that kind of great sense of achievement in a long time… until just 2 days ago.

I became a pop star in my own right… and I performed live in front of 100+ people for the first time in my life!…

Jaz Lai Concert 1

Well, I hope this doesn’t come off too much of a surprise for you…

As you probably have read in my previous email one year ago, I mentioned that I took up vocal lessons to improve on my singing.

But seriously, being able to put up a performance and sing in front of a live audience was the last thing on my mind.

I just didn’t want to sound too embarrassing when I’m out on a karaoke session with my friends.

You probably don’t believe this, but I actually make people laugh when I sang.

I couldn’t hold on to a single note without breaking into a yelp.

And every time this happens, they would just break into a laughter immediately.

And for a good time, I’ll go to such sessions only to find myself passing on the mike to someone else, throughout.

It’s like I’m paying my share of the karaoke session… just to hear them sing!

Well, it probably isn’t a big deal… But hey, I have feelings too.

And I want to be able to sing at least, in tune.

So there I was, attending weekly vocal lessons religiously for the past 1 year…

And I even went for Muay Thai lessons to work on my shape as well as building up my stamina.

It wasn’t easy… But it eventually paid off a thousand folds!

Because one day, my vocal coach came to me and he suddenly said…. “I think you are ready to graduate”.

And graduation means performing in front of a live crowd.

Not to mentioned that I got cold feet.

I felt for somebody like me who used to be tone deaf but also, not being able to sing higher than a bass guitar, this was a very big transition.

So, the day of the concert have finally arrived (20th March)… Half an hour before the performance started and I was already a nervous wreck.

I couldn’t remember the lyrics!

Then the lights dimmed… And I heard the MC announced my name… “LET US PUT OUR HANDS TOGETHER AND WELCOME… JAZ LAI”.

My heart almost skipped a beat.

Luckily, I’m used to speaking on stage when I’m conducting seminars. So my instinct was to break the ice and let the audience see the goofy side of me.

I joked about being so nervous that I’ve completely forgotten my lyrics… that I’ve to take along the music stand.

They laughed… and that calmed me a little.

Then the music came on… And the rest was history. Check out the video clip of me below.

(I am trained in Mandarin vocal, so I apologies if you don’t understand what I am singing about)

(We were caught by surprise with the huge banners)

(I am actually feeling abit nervous when I am singing solo, not sure if you notice it)

I felt like I was in a trance when I was singing my heart out… swaying to the melody of the music.

Even thou I may not have the best voice but I am definitely enjoying singing for my friends.

Then I was awaken with the sudden roar of applause… When I look across the stage, I saw some people in the audience nodded in approval.

Some of my friends even held up signs that read, “Jaz, We will always support you”!.

Jaz Lai Concert Fan Club

All this made me really happy… But still, I can’t help but laugh… because it seems that I’m already growing a fan base.

To me, this is more than a dream come true…

I’m sure to a few people, this is probably a night to remember.

But one thing is certain… It is a night that I’ll never forget.

Enjoy the video,


Below is a snap shoot of the event during that wonderful night.

Practising in the studio
(Practicing in the studio 4 hours before the concert start)

Singers Line Up
(Introducing the singers – There are 6 of us)

My fans who are there early to support
(My faithful fans who are there early to support)

Group shot
(Group shot – The guy on the left wearing white is my Vocal instructor)

My No. 1 Supporter
(My No. 1 Supporter who is always full of surprises)

The Opener
(The opening song – a duet song with Julia)

My wonderful fans
(My wonderful fans)

(Surprise from Felicia and Regine)

Happy man
(A very happy man)

Edmund's Turn
(It’s Edmund’s turn to sing on stage)

Singing my 3rd song
(Singing my 3rd songs of the night with piano)

Final group shot
(Final group shot)

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  1. Alvin Phang says:

    Congrats 🙂 you now became a star too 🙂 and nice car you have too 🙂

  2. Richard says:

    Great singing.

    By the way , is the lady singer a seasoned singer ?


  3. Trevor Baret says:

    Hey Jaz,

    What a great effort!!!

    Congratulations on learning to sing. Even though Michael Buble doesn’t have to worry about you yet – you did well. You were the better half of the duet, although Julia seemed really nervous about holding a microphone – a talent you have developed from your speaking engagements.

    I know how hard it is to stand in front of an audience to sing, and you did wonderfully well on your first effort.


  4. JY says:

    Hey Jaz

    Awesome!! =) Both the duet and solo sounds great!!

    Take care yeah!

  5. Jaz Lai says:

    Richard, she is not a professional singer, her name is Julia and she is my follow student.

  6. Terry says:

    Haha, now we got the real Singapore Idol!
    Great Jazz!

  7. Boon says:

    Wow, I’m touch…..

  8. david tay says:

    How about singing a song for us after the workshop ends in 20th June?

  9. Bed Guard says:

    you should take vocal lessons if there is a need for you to sound like Taylor Swift or Josh Groban “-,

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