Big Lessons From My Childhood


Life wasn’t also so good when I was young. My parents are always busy working earning a living.

My parents had to ask my mother’s mother (grandmother) to take care of us a lot of the time.

We spent a lot of time with her and we are very close to her. There are lessons she taught me that I’d like to share with you.

I’ve lived by these and still live by these principles (even at times when my dream seemed smashed and my hope was very low), and have applied them in every area of my personal and business life.

I can tell you that they WILL work!

You must have a vision for the future that will captivate your entire heart and at the richest level, your spirit and soul.

Unfold your mind to the amazing might of your creative imagination.

You must let yourself have the courage and freedom to even fantasize till you capture a vision, a dream of what your life may one day be.

Meditate about your purpose… and you’ll eventually get the answer… from the “calm quiet voice inside”.

Your vision might come from seeking individuals who have pains and human needs.

So discover a human problem to solve through the amazing power of a vision.

That way you’re assisting people, touching other lives and making a difference in the universe. I partially attempt to do that with my actions

Work at your motivation every day.

Let your dream be at the top of your life.

It will propel, inspire and stimulate you by giving you purpose. Solely YOU have the might to wipe out your dream.

Nothing is inconceivable to the person, whose vision turns to a dream.

Believe abundance and prosperity and not want…. and you will pull it to yourself from the Universe.

Don’t give in to negative thoughts. “I’m too old, have no income, no resources, no contacts”.

Dispute them. Nothing is inconceivable to the person who has the want to win.

Believe in yourself with honesty and humbleness….and not haughtiness.

But remember it’s not being “snooty” when you say things, like “I’m unique, someone special, I Understand I can make a difference in this world.

Calculate at all the options and check them daily. Obstructions and pressures shift, like dust storms.

Never ever runaway from troubles. Say, “I will till….”

Assess your techniques and tactics.

How effectively are you moving down your decided path?

Are you acquiring the results expected and what you want? If not, seek another plan of attack.

Like a fine wine, a great dream generally takes a while to mature and then bloom. When nothing appears to be going on, don’t resign hope.

Hear others; really listen, rather than thinking what you’re going to say next.

Consider how you can best help the next person.

In turn, if you require help with something, don’t be afraid to ask with courtesy.

Individuals like helping other people…and everybody has unique skills and knowledge, that they like sharing.

Ask yourself this critical question: What are the options to NOT dreaming it… and know that only YOU can wipe out your grand vision for life…

I am living my dream thanks to the lessons I learned… are you living yours?

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  1. the truth is that just believe in your dream! datz watz i have to say.

  2. Roy Cornock says:

    “Big Lessons From My Childhood – Jaz Lai”

    Expresses, at least partially, some of the best sentiments that one can hold close and cherish. If many more people held to such sentiments, maintaining gentleness, would not the world have been a far, far better place ? Oh…..and NEVER be afraid of gentleness !!

  3. Carolyn says:

    I’m 71, my next younger sister says I’m a dreamer like our Dad. But if you don’t have a dream where is the plan? Where do you go? Where is hope? I have a plan, but it is going slowly, but I keep working on it! Think I’d better hurry….time is getting swift, yesterday I was 12 wanting to be 16!

  4. Eric S. says:

    I saw that you are going to change your to yahoo.pulse. What’s the difference?

  5. Jaz Lai says:

    That’s funny Carolyn

  6. I especially agree with “don’t run away from trouble”, as it will haunt back…Just have to face it and cope with it.

    Ming Jong

  7. Jordy says:

    yes I’m unique ,someone special I understand I can make difference in this world

    thanks man it is great resolution 2011

  8. ametylst says:

    Do you have a dream. Dream make you move forward. Don’t give up your dream.
    Help others to reach their goals will also help you to fulfill your dreams.

  9. Sunny James says:

    This was a great post I really enjoyed it thanks for sharing with us.

    Always believe in yourself & Never give up on what you want in life
    because if you stay focused on what you want in life and take action toward acheiving it you will live a happy successful life full of passion & purpose!

    Sunny : )

  10. Hi. Nice, interesting post, and a little out of the box. I learned something new today!

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