Hong Kong, Macau Part 2


After we left Taiwan, we landed in Hong Kong for the weekend.

I have been to Hong Kong countless times and this time, we decided to go for a short 1 day trip to Macau.

It took us 1 hour to reach Macau by ferry.

When we landed we took the free shuttle bus to Venetian casino.

In the shopping sections.

Great sky.

Here’s Venetian’s lobby. Look at the great painting on the ceiling.

In the casino.

Due to time constrain, didn’t have the time to play.

After Venetian, we went to view the Roman Colosseum.

Next stop is Wynn.

I am very impress with the design of Wynn’s lobby ceiling. Have a look at the video

Opening of the lobby ceiling.

Closing of the lobby ceiling.

After the tour of Wynn’s casino. We have to go as we need to catch the last ferry back to Hong Kong.

The next day, I had an appointment with a Japanese hairstylist in Hong Kong as I wanted to have a new hairstyle for the new Lunar New Year.

Here I am in his dedicate hands.

Here’s my new look. I love it as people say I look much younger now.

Wow! I didn’t realized it took me 5 hours to write and post up all these photos.

I hope you enjoy it and lastly, Gong Huat Fai Choy.

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  1. Dear Jaz Lai

    I have this website and i really need good traffic to it what do you sugjestit is a .com and a good three site name but i cant seem to generate any money from it anf i think it needs some help professionaly, Help? thanks for yopur input and by the way greetings from california and gong huat fai choy T.I.M.

  2. John Whitt says:

    Hello Jaz,

    Thanks for posting a bit of your life. I truly enjoyed the pictures and descriptions, made me feel like a friend and you did it just for me! That lobby ceiling was spectacular…thanks again.

  3. Hi Jaz,
    I see that you went to Venetian Hotel and also the Roman Colosseum for a day trip in Macau. Good choice since you have limited time. I would suggest you go for Cirque De Soleil for their performance which is in Venetian Hotel next time. I found it a superb show and you will have a good laugh and amazed at their acrobatic performance, costumes and settings. Thanks for sharing photos of your trip.

  4. Jaz Lai says:


    I wanted to watch Cirque De Soleil but the timing does not permit.
    So I have to give it a miss. I definitely go back to Macau again and watch it


  5. Jaz Lai says:

    Thanks John, you are my friend. Appreciate your friendship.


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