How To Set Up Your Own Online Business Without Killing Yourself



For many aspiring marketers, starting out on an online business can sometimes become a painful experience.

Even before making their first buck online, most would have already burnt a hole in their wallets.

What I found out is that, for many people who just started out… they would spend their money and time on product creation and “setting things up”… when they should be focusing on building a list first!

And it’s not always about investing money for a long-term cause… especially when survival is already an issue.

If you are low on funds, I would recommend you to do the things that bring you cash the fastest.

So how is it possible to start an online business when you are running low on funds?

Well you can. First of all, only spend on the 3 basic elements.

You’ll need to sign up for hosting, a domain name… and an autoresponder.

They would not cost you more than 50 bucks.

Next, go to clickbank or paydotcom to search for affiliate products to promote.

In case you don’t know yet, affiliate marketing is by far, the quickest method to generate income for anybody who’s just starting out.

And they do give commissions as high as 75% per sale!

Most affiliate products already have a funnelling system, which of course… saves you the trouble of wasting time doing up one on your own.

For the next step, you will need to create a lead capturing page (Also known as a squeeze page) to capture your customers’ email addresses.

The biggest asset any internet marketer would have is their list of customers’ email addresses.

Having their emails, you are free to follow up with them… and of course. You can always sell to them over and over again.

The best way to get your customer to buy from you, is to build a relationship with them and gain their trust. Nothing beats having an autoresponder, when you can massively communicate with many people at one time.

Now that you have everything in place, you’ll need to start is driving traffic to your squeeze page.

There are various free methods of driving traffic and they also give really good results.

Article marketing, audio marketing, video marketing and blogging are some of the great ways of driving traffic to your webpage.

Even better, people immediately view you as an expert when you deliver good content.

To get better rankings in Google, you can also send your web address to link directories or you can even go to related websites and ask other people to do a back-link to your website.

Once your customers opt-in to your squeeze page… You will want to send them to your affiliate website.

Internet Marketing is all about numbers. The more people opt in to your squeeze page, the chances of people buying the affiliate product increases as well.

Then continue sending emails to your customers, providing them with content… most customers do not buy immediately. It usually takes several follow-up emails from you before they buy.

So, start planning your business model now… and start raking in cash commissions from affiliate marketing!

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