I learn sewing in class


As you know, I used to work as a Fashion Designer and one of the thing that I need to do is to learn how to sew cloth samples.

I still remember when I was in school…

I first stepped into the sewing room for lessons and I was really nervous.

I had never even sewn anything in my life and I certainly had never created a dress from scratch.

I could see that that I was going to have a hard time learning how to sew, unlike those girls who took sewing lessons in secondary school before.

But it was something I wanted to do and it was important that I did it well.

But once I began going through the lessons I knew that I would work hard on improving my skills.

I recognized that I had a disadvantage but I don’t like to be defeated.

So I worked hard and took some extra lesson to fine tune my skills.

And I can gladly say that I passed with flying colors and I came in 2nd in my class in terms of grading.

I would like to share some discoveries I made during that experience about why most people and small businesses never achieve the success they are looking for.

People are forgetting the importance of true focus and dedication.

Recognizing where and what to focus ones attention on may possibly be the single most crucial thing to making or breaking your success.

Being successful isn’t only about busting out with fresh creative ideas.

It’s about following through with the good ideas you’ve already thought up.

At first creating a dress from scratch seemed intriguing… then scary.

So if I would have jumped to another idea I would have never finished my class let alone finished 2nd in grading.

As well, remember that finishing less is better than beginning a bunch of projects that just sit around undone.

For both productivity and self-regard it’s crucial that one learns and experiences the power and serenity that comes along with finishing projects.

After all if I had quit on the dress at the first seam I had to rip out and started another… I would have never finished one at all.

You see people have the habit of procrastinating which lets the list of things not complete begin to get out of control.

As well, starting and stopping projects are big time wasters causing the list of incomplete things to continue to grow rather than finishing one thing successfully.

The final thing I would like to discuss that I learned is the need of a plan of attack.

Yes, a plan of attack.

Taking the time to truly look at what you want to accomplish and get totally transparent about who your are, what you offer, why your doing what your doing and how you plan on arriving there is frequently the most overlooked thing when trying to achieve success at whatever you are doing.

I made the plan of attack of taking extra lessons and working a little harder to achieve the success of creating the dress.

Use this same principle for your online business and I am sure you will see results much faster that you expect.


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