I Lost Hope



One of the most common reasons that people struggle to feel motivated is because they have lost hope that their lives can ever be any different.

You can see the devastating effect of hopelessness in impoverished areas of the world.

Where there is little opportunity, little progress and little resources, there is also usually little hope.

You’ve probably even noticed this in your own life.

If you’ve struggled to make changes and failed, or wanted to make changes but didn’t see any way to do it, you probably ended up with a sense of futility and hopelessness that dashed your dreams.

Then what happened?

You gave up because there seemed to be no reason to keep trying.

One of the best ways to renew your motivation is by choosing to be hopeful again.

Yes, you can CHOOSE to be hopeful, if you can open your mind to possibilities you may not have considered before.

Remember that this universe is filled with mystery and surprises.

Think about the last time you were sure there was no hope and then suddenly things turned around in a way you never could have guessed would happen.

Maybe you found yourself in a jam or felt panicked because you were faced with intimidating circumstances, and then suddenly as if from nowhere, a solution magically appeared.

It happens more than you would suspect.

You just never know where assistance will come from, and the many ways the universe can work in partnership with you to make your dreams a reality.

There are many ways to become hopeful again, but here are just a few:

1) Acknowledge that just because you can’t see a way to make your dreams come true, a way might still exist.

When working toward a goal, you don’t have to have all the answers when you start.

You don’t even have to have all the answers the whole way through!

All you need to know is what your next step is, and hold a willingness to trust that everything will work out.

2) Start stretching your concept of what is possible for your life.

Right now you probably have a mental set point of achievement that is open to you, but in reality your set point might be much, much higher than you think!

Begin expanding on your dreams and see what else you can do to grow and develop your potential.

3) Get into the habit of thinking creatively.

Rather than accepting things for what they are, begin using creative inspiration to transform them into something better.

If you run into obstacles that you can’t seem to find a way out of, open your mind and consult your gut for possible solutions.

Probably more exist than you can imagine!

If you don’t panic, stay calm and simply open to the possibilities, you’re bound to notice one or two that will work.

Little by little these techniques should help you to recapture a growing sense of hope about your life.

And where there is hope, there is always a chance to succeed.

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  1. Susan Ketit says:

    Phew! Your title shocked me ha…ha.. (I guess you can say “Gotcha!!!).

    I guess this happen to everyone, somehow, at one point or another.

    I like P.S. portion the most though.

    Stay cool and keep motivating Jaz.


  2. Jaz Lai says:

    Keep on moving Susan. I am looking forward to seeing you succeed.

  3. Mikayla says:

    Great advice, Jaz! I think your 3 suggestions can be summed as: 1) faith, 2) belief, and 3) imagination – all of which are very powerful. I also love how you put the word “choose” in bold. It took me years to realize I had a choice about how I see things.

    I would also add gratitude to your list. It’s the one I always start with when I’m feeling low. When people are in a state of hopelessness it’s often hard to see past that and the choices they have available to them. I’ve found that starting by counting the things that you have to be grateful for is a powerful way to help you shift your perspective and see things in a brighter light. 🙂

  4. Tony says:

    Thank you, Jaz. Your blog post on hope is very helpful to me. I am amazed at the synchronicity of what you have written with what I have to do in my situation. May you continue to be light upon light.

    Tony Toledo
    Manila, Philippines
    (sometimes in Cambodia)

  5. Bill Thomas says:

    Hi Jaz,
    I was a bit startled when I saw your headline.
    I thought, “This guy needs a little pep talk.”
    I was about to remind you of simple quotations, “THIS TOO SHALL PASS.”
    “CBA, Conceive, Believe, Achieve.”
    Then I read the rest of your Motivational Message
    Great Words and thoughts!!
    Suggestion: If someone will jot down 15 “power words” of your message on a 4×6″ card and paste it close to his computer, he’ll have “Get Started” Words.

  6. Pete says:

    Hi Jaz

    Thanks for the motivational message, I’m not down or anything like it, you sound like you know about the law of attraction. In short as an oldy among you guys I have loads of cleanup up to do before getting going, including rebuilding batroom & kitchen ‘overwhelmed’ would be an understatement, it’s all worth it as I now have a 3 week old grandson as well.


  7. Very good! I guess I thought maybe someone needed a little help then found out that someone is me. Need some dynamite as too many ideas but just about given up any idea of an internet business even though I am still paying for some domains and still ‘hoping’ I can get going. A blog seems like a great idea but still somehow held back from action, and losing so much time going though emails when I know I need to write.

  8. Winson Lim says:

    Hi Jaz,
    I admit that I have once lose hope for a short period of time. It is when I tried everything, invested alot of money to outsource everything and still not making any money, see any results.

    I have faced trials and tribulations in my life and I know it make me strong and able to withstand more challenges.

    But I believe I gonna make it and soon I will be able to meet you, my mentor and say thank you for the one on one coaching you did for me 3 years ago.


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