I Never Shared This Secret With Anybody Else Until…


Something happened last week… that set me in tracks and got me to re-assess myself.

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I went out a with a couple of good friends for a karaoke session…. We had a lot of beer and we messed up the lyrics of the songs.

We had a really good time when suddenly… I became breathless and had palpitations.

My vision blurred and I couldn’t hold myself steady. I was freaking my friends out.

It felt like a panic attack… Because I became very nervous and I was sort of disoriented.

And I really thought that I was going to die.

Perhaps I was just over-reacting, after all I did had a little too much to drink. But then again, I never had such experience before.

My friends chided me to go to the hospital. But I declined. I told them everything was going to be okay and I just needed a rest.

So I sat down, took a gulp of water and started taking deep breaths of air…

I just couldn’t fall asleep that night.

I couldn’t help thinking what would happen to everything and everybody around me if I just suddenly died.

I shivered just by thinking about it. This was the first time I was truly afraid of dying.

It’s kinda ironic because I used to tell people that I have achieved all my goals and now I’m living my dream lifestyle.

So even if I were to drop dead today, I would do so with absolutely no regret.

At that moment, I knew I was wrong… I wasn’t exactly living my life to the fullest.

Yes, I did have a great lifestyle that some of you may relate to.. making new friends, traveling around the world, partying and buying the toys that I want…

But deep down, I felt like I was kinda wasting my life away with all the late nights partying…

My health was failing.

I had the sudden guilt… because I knew I was the main cause of it.

Actually I’ve all along been keeping a secret that I didn’t share with anybody beyond the family and a few close friends.

Well, I didn’t think it was much of a big deal at that time… So I didn’t paid much attention to it anyway.

Seven years ago, while I was doing a routine full-bodied check-up. The doctor then ran the stethoscope along my chest and said that I had a irregular heart beat.

(This was my most recently follow up report. I am suppose to go back every 2 years to check on my heart)

So I was put through to some other tests and the result confirmed that I’m suffering from a heart valve condition called Mitral Valve Prolaspe.

This came as a shock to me, because I was very active at sports at that time. And I never did experienced any kind of symptoms.

The doc says that this is quite a common condition and a few percentage of the people in the world have this condition.

So to put it in layman terms… A normal chambers would open and close each time the heart pumps in a rhythm, propelling oxygen-rich blood into the arteries.

Mitral Valve Prolaspe is a condition when the left and right chambers of the valve does not close properly.

A weak chamber like mine… may collaspe, causing a backflow of blood… which will inevitably result to serious health problem or in worst case – death.

As of now, the doctor say I am still young so he didn’t want to do any drastic operation and put me on medication for the rest of my life… and it’s something that I gotta live with it.

It sure sucks to be me.

It was from then on.. that I told myself that I would accomplish my financial goals by the age of 30, while I still got the energy.

Well I manage to hit most of my target by the time I am 30 and I have been having quite a bit of fun for the last 3 years.

But last night at the Karaoke bar, turned my life around literally.

It seems that I found a new meaning in life.

I realized that there’s so much more to life than partying and enjoying yourself… your health is in fact your true wealth.

If your not serious in taking care of your health. All that hard-earned money is still going to go into the medical bills… eventually.

Yeah, it’s pretty obvious ain’t it?

But I guess, as humans… we often take things for granted and we forget to cherish the things we already have. And yet, we go all out to try to get the things we think it’s important to us… But it really isn’t.

I just wanna throw this out there… So whenever, you feel that you’re over-indulging in yourself. you’ll take a step back and tell yourself… “Slow down, I need to be in good health”…

Jaz Lai

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  1. John says:

    Yeah I think I have to take it easy with the cigarettes myself. I am noticing my lungs when I have to run or walk really fast. We only have one life.

  2. i am vey sorry to hear that bad news just glad you are ok now , please take better care of your health WE WANT YOU AROUND FOR LONG.


  3. Khai says:

    Take care, bro… you only live once.

  4. Kenny says:

    Jaz, take care. Still have a lot of things to learn from you.

  5. Philip says:


    Your health is really your true Wealth. Do excercise often and party less lah..

    I help people like yourself to protect their Wealth and pay off unnecessary huge medical bill when the need arises. email me when you are free. I’m sure you will benefit from my work.



  6. Ray says:

    Wow for a moment you scare the shit out of me! Last weekend I think I saw you drove pass me and I thought this week what happened to you! Take care friend, truly agree with you. Must take care of your health in order to enjoy your wealth! Let’s go gym and do some jogging too ok?

  7. shuwu says:

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  8. JY says:

    Hey Jaz, it’s been awhile since we last met, do take care yeah! “Your body is the only temple you have to live in…”

  9. Nate says:

    Jaz – Really sorry to hear about that. Considering your doctor not wanting to perform surgery or use medication, my best advice would be to slow things down a bit and try to get extremely “in tune” with your body (like paying very close attention to getting to know it and your heart condition well). Though it may sound silly, approach it in a similar manner as a marketer using tracking links/split testing/analytics on a new campaign, manipulating and “tweaking” certain variables one at a time. Perhaps not quite to that extreme, but I think you know what I mean – anything within reason. You’ll basically just be applying what’s known as “The Scientific Method.” Once you’ve slowed down and gotten a feel for things, see how you feel if you go out and have just one or two beers at most for the night, and proceed cautiously from there next time depending on how things go. I can think of a few other possible points and details, but I don’t want this blog post to be too long. But feel free to email me if you have any questions.

  10. Is ok…when things comes it will comes.Take K ..

  11. Joseph Then says:

    Hey, relax man…

    Time to let money work for you…

  12. Asher says:


    Take good care of yourself man – do everything in moderation. If you go from one end (or partying) to another end (of health fanaticism), it won’t be good for you either way.

    Hope your new found realization of life leads to greater things!


  13. Dude, stay safe and healthy…

    Don’t forget on Monday:

    Ian del Carmen

  14. Take care, Jaz! We are given things to look after in this life – our bodies, our talents, our friends. All of these are more important in the long run than “having a good time”. You have awesome talents and skills for helping others. Don’t neglect to look after your body, my friend!

  15. Elaine Ong says:

    Hi Jaz,

    You need Jesus in your life. Jesus died for our sins and sicknesses. Surrender all into Jesus’ hands and receive his healing. The doctor don’t have the final say but Jesus has the final say. Be healed in Jesus’ name!. Find a church and have a relationship with Jesus. God bless Elaine

  16. Brian Baulch says:

    Hey Jaz take it easy mate you can still have fun but with out the toxic human water, drink H20 filtered one also there are many great mlm company’s that have some great health and wellness products l have seen many go ahead google is your friend do some research on mlm company’s with great products, wow l like some of those juice the mlms have they are tasty and great for health just find the one that suit you, google will help your search mate thats for sure !

  17. Stojan says:

    Hello Jaz,
    Your health is your true wealth.Take real care of it untill it becomes your habit to do so!You see ,we’re all giving advices to others,and you know why…because it’s the easiest thing to do.Jaz Lai is now perhaps on the main crossroad traffic lights in his life,where for sure he will take the right direction where to change some points of view as to taking care of his most worthy wealth-his health.You see giving advices to someone else is too easy.
    -I’m an old man,
    -I’m a would be Internet marketer,
    -I’m a subscriber of yours,where I know you from,and after aquiring some image of you and having in mind to do some traveling after reaching some online success,I’ve promised to myself when in your country to meet you and if it happens,in an easy chat,no metter the difference in years to touch our heart problems too.
    -I’ve gone too far…
    -Care,care,take it…
    See you/Stojan

  18. pierre says:

    wow now you need to take it slow. we need you here, we can buy cars houses but not health. take g0od care of urself do it for your family for youself and ur fans…

  19. Jaz, your email scared me! You are still young so I’m glad you realized how priceless your health is. Honestly, I’d hate to see you go. Remember Cory Rudl? Be safe, man.

    Jaz: Yes Wyteria, I remember Cory. It is such a waste for a talented young man to pass away so early in his life. I still have his courses with me.

  20. James says:

    Your health is really your true Wealth.
    I have been looked after real good by the only person that has control of our lives. My health is good for someone that is 68. Had some problems two or three years ago but now I am in good shape for a person my age. I know a few that are not. I lost my son in August 2008. Cancer took him at 39 years old.
    Lung ,he smoked,liver,he drank,bone Ha didn’t eat right and take of his health.
    I am of guilty of the not eating like I should.

    Never though I would see one of my kids go before me. You never know what life will throw at you.

    Take care of yourself.


  21. Winson Lim says:

    Hi Jaz,
    I just received your email to your blog post about your health conditions.
    I am aware that it is due to your heart problems that makes you feel
    uncomfortable and unsecured.

    I suffered also almost the same problem as yours but I have not gone for the
    full body checkup since 2 year ago. Though, I am not drinking or smoking, my
    health immune system is deteriorating too fast.

    I have a dream and mission to fulfill in my life and have set goals to achieve it.
    I feel better now as I just came back from my 3 weeks of tough training in my
    re-service. I guess it is the lack of exercise for me that cause me this symptoms
    of heart pain and difficult breathing. I guess it is inherited from my Father genes
    as he passed away 3 years ago due to heart disease.

    Nevertheless, I will go for a full body checkup soon.

    Btw I have created a new product, Article Marketing Gold Mine.

    Let me know if you can give me your own personal product review so
    I can copy and paste in my salesletter.

    Email me back and I will send you a copy of my new product.

    Take Care,

  22. mtsyarbaini says:

    Yes,the precious things in this world is your health. onece you got sick, everything will be deminished down to earth. When you are healthy and alone make yourself confortable, but if you are ill lonelyness feel very threatening to you. Take care yourself save and sound all the time.

  23. Hi Jaz,
    I guess we never know what will happen next. That’s why you have to live your life like today is going to be your last day. Past we cannot change, we donĀ“t know what is going to happen tomorrow. Things we are doing today can change what will happen tomorrow…Take care


  24. Sunny Leung says:

    Jaz, yes, I totally agree with you that every one of us should mind our own health. Just like everything, we have to invest in our health.

    The USA product RESERVE depicted in the above website can improve your heart valve condition.
    No harm trying. Give yourself a chance to recover from it. Best Wishes.

  25. Doris Tan says:

    Dear Jaz,

    Let me know if I can be of any help in easing the root cause of your physical condition….this is what i do …

    Physical conditions are often just the symptoms, not the real problem area…

    Doris Tan
    +65 9855 8779

  26. chel says:

    Always take care and wish to hear and learn from you future.

  27. sylvia says:

    Sorry to hear this Dear ,

    I am always wondering WHY most People run for Money like crazy here…

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  28. Victor says:

    Dun worry Jaz!
    You’ll not die so easily.
    Change yr lifestyle a bit…

    I have MVP (not Most Valuable Player!) since 1982 (discovered by doctor when I had my lung collasped). my lifestyle had not been changed. I smoke and drink very frequently until last year when I decided to quit smoking after 32 long years of this habit. Now I am feeling good with proper exercises with not more than 160 heartbeats per min.

    The scary part of MVP patient is the sudden rupture of chordae tendineae that support the valve. Doctors are more particular whether is there any enlargement of it or not.

    So, its good to go for regular checks. ie, go for ultrasound echocardiography, MMI and trend-mill test to check yr ‘health’ of yr heart.

    Wish you good health and make more $$$!

  29. Jaz Lai says:

    Thanks Victor. See you around!

  30. Richard Howell says:

    Low salt diet (< 1-2 grams daily). No more beer binges. (Dare I say no alcohol – period?) Ask cardiologist about need for ACE inhibitors or other after-load reducing drug. Thanks for Follow on Google Buzz, and keep up the good work, Jaz.

  31. John says:

    We live in heaven. So who wants to die and end up in hell? Take care of the pumper and the air tank and you’ll be alright.

  32. Crimiinhile says:

    Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


  33. Steve Tan says:

    Do take care of yourself. I see lesser former SU member nowsadays. Pretty Sad. Glad you make it to the top.

    Do cut down on the alcohol stuff. I cut off almost completely after I was down for a full day. If you need any medical help, perhaps I can ask my medical friends for help. Do keep in touch!

  34. I’m having a weird issue I cannot make my reader pick up your rss feed, I’m using google reader by the way.

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