I Was Scammed Twice By Other Marketers


Have you ever experienced a bad day where everything doesn’t seem to go your way?

Especially when “bad” things start to happen coincidentally all on the same day. Things like your car broke down, tripping on your own foot, getting food poisoning, and getting drenched by a car speeding across a puddle of water is more than enough to keep you pissed the whole day.

How will you handle it if you were to experience all of these on the same day?

Well, it did happened to me… it was definitely one of my worst days ever. I was simply frustrated… When I came back home, my family members new better than to talk to me. They see I was fuming mad. I could literally go berserk if I were to be provoke under such conditions.

I bet you know what I’m talking about.

Well, I had on a punching bag hanging from my ceiling… And I use it not only for the my muay thai training, but also to vent my frustrations and anger on. But after awhile, I would be just as fine as I was from a start of a new day. So how’s that for anger management?

But the story doesn’t end there. When I checked my email, I found that I’ve actually been scammed by 2 other Internet Marketers. We had an agreement to promote each other’s website. But turns out, I was the only one who was fulfilling the agreement. And I’ve never heard from them ever since!

I can’t even describe to you how upset I was. For a while, I tried frantically to get a hold of them over the phone. A small part of me still hope that they’ll pick up my call and explain to me that they’ve made a mistake and that they’ll correct it right away.

But seriously, what are the odds? I knew I was kidding myself.

Then, I realised that I’ve actually invested a lot of energy in feeling discontentment. And it seem almost unnoticeable that 4 hours have actually passed and I was still held in disbelief that I’ve been scammed big time.

What a waste of time! So immediately, I shifted my state of mind from exasperation to determination. And started looking for more affiliates to promote my product. There was no more time to waste.


You see, in life… no matter what obstacles we face, we just have to move on.

Dont be dishearten when things don’t go your way, because it will only cause inaction on your part. The more you spend time fighting and quarrelling about things, the more energy you use and the less you will accomplish.

So, the next time when something doesn’t go your way… be it your online business or in your everyday life; tell yourself that sh** just happens and move on.

P.S. Don’t get hang out on all those nonsense excuses, make sure you have a bullet proof system that will drive tons of leads and customers to your business even when you are in a ‘bad’ mood. This system is drop dead easy to use.

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