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When it comes to earning multiple sources of income from internet marketing, most aspiring marketers have the impression that they have to set up several websites selling different products in order to boost their cash flow.

But this is far from the truth… especially when you are not able to maintain focus in any of the businesses. And this can be detrimental to your potential earning power.

Well, I’m going to show you exactly how you can maintain focus in your business and still create multiple sources of income, at the same time.

And the best part is… you can do this with just one page and dramatically increase your profits! (My profits increased by 276% with this method)

So how I did it?

Simple. Instead of creating multiple websites for different niches like most marketers do, I adopted a slightly different approach.

I offered more similar products in the same niche, after the front-end product.

This is what normally people would call and an upsell or an OTO (One-Time-Offer).

But I prefer to call it an upgrade.

Selling “upgrades” is an area that can become profitable for many businesses in increasing their existing sales.

Just take a look at Mac Donald’s for example. Do you remember when you were making an order at the counter, you were being asked, “Do you want to have an upsize or do you want to have a fries to go along with that? etc.” – That’s an upgrade.

You can also do that on your internet business. You just have to offer more benefits to your existing product to your customers.

It’s similar to selling an extended warranty.

You see, people want to reduce the element of risk of a potential loss or benefit; they want a guarantee over their guarantee!

If you could provide for them and make them feel that they’re taken care of; when they buy from you, they will want to continue to enjoy your products and services.

The best way to do this is to package your products in such a way that, the only way for your customer to benefit FULLY, is to get the products in its entirety.

Very often, the sale of these extended benefits has a much higher profit margins as there are no costs to acquire the customers.

This calls for strategizing which product to be placed on the front end, the upgrade and the back-end offer.

People love options, and the idea is to place the ball in their court and provide them with more choices… Sell them extended benefits!

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