Most People Think Like Elephants When Running Their Online Business


I wonder if this ever happened to you. Occasionally, I’ll find myself staring into blank space pondering about the things I’ve not yet done. And then I’ll get that sudden impulse to want to just pack my bags and set off for a holiday trip.

Well, I’m sure you’re familiar with this feeling. The pure excitement of just being only an inch away of doing something absolutely irrational like yelling, “I’m done” to your boss. And then taking off to your favourite getaway. I’m sure you have experience such sudden impulses that may seem not to make any sense at all.

But it does. In fact, it is only natural for you to feel that way… because you know that you deserve much better.

But sadly, for most people these short impulses only end up becoming a fraction of their own fantasy. And the following day, they still find themselves heading back to their dead-end job no matter how much they dreaded it.

So, what is it that is stopping people from making ‘it’ into a reality? The reality of owning your boss and taking control of your own income?

Is it really because you’re worried that you won’t have the financial stability to pay your bills by doing something else? Or is it because you’ve tried to do something on your own previously but it didn’t manage to pull through and so you’ve given up hope?

Now, let me share with you a true story… One I’m sure you must have heard a gazillion’ variations. But if it’s your first, I’m sure that you’re gonna have a lot of pondering to do.

Anyway, while I was on a holiday trip at Thailand, I was taken on an elephant tour. It was pretty fascinating to see how they trained the elephants to perform feats such giving a man a back massage with it’s foot and using it’s trunk to paint with paintbrush.

elephant painting

I was overwhelmed by the elephant’s calmness and it’s obedience to it’s trainers. Even when it’s foot is tied next to a tree with a “thin” rope, the elephant did not attempt to escape. So I asked the tour guide about them.

Here’s what he said. “When the elephant is still young, the trainers would chain it’s foot to the tree for long periods of time. The chains are so strong that the baby elephant would not be able to break free from it. The elephant will continue to struggle for the next few years, until it gives up and get used to the chain around is foot completely. Until then, will the trainers replace the heavy chain, with just a rope”.

Now the real question is, are you just going to resigned to your fate just like the elephant? Just because you’ve not succeeded in the past, does that mean that you should stop trying?

When I was caught into a six figure debt from my retail business a couple of years ago, I took up a low-paying job unwillingly so I could start clearing my debt. At that time, starting another business was the last thing on my mind. I just couldn’t afford another financial blow. But the dread of waking up early for work and coming back home in the wee hours was slowly creeping on me.


And that’s when I decided to attend a seminar on internet marketing and have never looked back since. You see, I didn’t just quit my job overnight. I started out with trying to juggle both my online business and my job simultaneously. The only time I had the chance to apply the strategies that I’ve learned, was during the weekends or late at night.

It was hard work trying to cope up with two conflicting careers. But it was well worth it. It finally paid off after 1 year of hard work and I eventually gave in to one of my sudden impulses. I sent in my resignation letter and booked myself a holiday trip to Taiwan on the last day of my job.

If there were to be any regrets, it is that I haven’t done it earlier.

So, my friend. Don’t get discourage by your past results. There is no better way to start an online business than to start now. Like me, I recommend that you take baby steps towards your online busines. And before you know it, you probably be the next one typing out a resignation letter to your boss.

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