My Trip to Hong Kong


A few students have asked me to post pictures of my Hong Kong trip for awhile now.

Here it is… Sorry to keep you waiting. It’s been a busy week for me. And… I still haven’t forgotten about you.

I don’t know if I ever said this… But I really appreciate the fact that you’re reading this post right now.

And you’re probably one of the few avid readers who stood by me through thick and thin via my blog… and encourage me from a distance.

For that, I give you my heartfelt thanks.

Ok, I’m trying not to get too emotional about this. I don’t want my girlfriend to catch me tearing in front of the lap top. Let’s move on, shall we =)

So as you know, my yearly resolution is to go on at least 5 holidays a year. What can I say, I just love travelling.

It’s what I live for and it is for the same reason that I busted my butt trying to figure out how money is made on the internet just few years ago.

This trip to Hong Kong, marks my fourth holiday of the year.

And I brought Regine (my girlfriend) and her family along.

Here’s a picture of Me, Regine, her nephew and niece.

We just arrived to Hong Kong and we made the first stop to the Chinese temple to ask for blessings. The kids enjoy pulling ugly faces in front of the camera; it’s really hard to make them smile.

Next, we went to visit the Ocean Park.

Posing in front of the high-speed ferris wheel. You’ll never in a lifetime ever catch me in one of such rides. I’m just not a fan of giddy trips.

Probably one of the laziest sharks I’ve ever seen. They look so still… Guess they’re like the internet marketers of the sea.

Never having to worry about hunting for food when lunch is being served everyday… They just eat and sleep.

Head’s up! Scary-looking stingray on the move.

I was captivated by the array of stunts the Dolphins executed… really intelligent creatures. One of my childhood dream was to be able to swim with dolphins.

There couldn’t be any creature in Hong Kong rarer than the magnificent Giant Panda. There’s only 2 of them in captivity.

The next stop is…

Welcome to Disney Land Hong Kong.

Stunning effect of Mickey Mouse floating on the Water Fountain!

Finally we got our turn to have our picture taken with Walt Disney’s “Biggest” cartoon mascot, Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse.

Can you spot the Little Mermaid?

Who could ever forget about the little green toy soldiers?

These are like the classic toys for boys as what Barbie doll is for girls’. These green soldiers put on a really impressive cheoreography of what toys would look like if they could ever move.

Last but not least…. Buzz light year – The favorite toy that I never had. Somehow I felt a sense of pride that I’m actually taller, standing next to buzz.

Overall, it’s been a lot of fun… having the chance to rediscover my childhood in Ocean Park and Disneyland has been a wonderful experience.

The rest of the trip, we ended up shopping a lot and our luggages got overloaded. If you hadn’t been to Hong Kong, let me tell you that this country is a shoppers’ paradise.

And the local Chinese food is really good. But, be warned… there’s a saying, “the best tasting food is usually the most unhealthiest?”

In Hong kong, nothing is further from the truth. If you’re not afraid of consuming too much oil, by all means… after all you only live once right?

Now it’s time to plan my last holiday for the end of the year and I kinda’ run out of places to pick. Where do you suggest I should go? I’ll be reading your comments.



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  1. Penny says:

    Spend your Christmas in New York City. Count down too at Times Square.

  2. bima adhitya says:

    Hi Jaz thank you for always send me newsletter about IM, next year i`ll go to hong kong too and see what you done is very awesome to do there hehehe, let`s rock broo

  3. Jaz Lai says:

    Bima : I am sure you will enjoy your Hong Kong trip. The shopping there is wonderful.

  4. Joshua Chan says:

    Hi Jaz,

    Looks like you are enjoying life there ! 🙂

    I have been to Hongkong disneyland a few times. Bored already. Now I go to Singapore universal studio more often.

    I am still overload with school work and fixing this internet biz of mine.


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