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Taiwan, Jay Chou Part 1

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Today is the 3th day of Chinese Lunar New Year. If you don’t know, Lunar New Year is one of the most important Chinese holiday in our calender.

This is the time where families and relatives come together and celebrate the new year.

I had a great time catching up with my relatives friends yesterday and since I have some spare time today. I decided to post my recently 10 days holiday photo.

I left Singapore 2 weeks ago on the 15th of Jan and when me and my girlfriend touched down in Taipei (Taiwan) we didn’t expect it to be so cold.

And the worst part is, my check-in luggage didn’t travel in the same plane as me.

This is the first time that I experience this and I was wondering will this turn out to be the worst holiday I ever have?

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I was invited to speak at a seminar two weekend ago. And I was still surprised to see so many local Singaporeans attended.

As you know, Singapore is a very small country. But seeing so many people turn up proves that the market for the “Make Money Online” niche is still new and the demand for knowledge in this industry is still growing.

When it was my turn to take the stage, I swear that I could see the enthusiasm burning in the eyes of the audiences. These people were eager to learn and that motivated me to give my all.

And I shared with them some of my best secrets of making money on the internet. When the presentation was over, a huge group in the audience came forward to thank me for sharing so many tips with them.

One lady even said that I gave more tips than some of the courses she brought online and she had learnt a lot. It was really flattering.

It made me feel really good knowing that I have touched someone’s life. After speaking for 2 days, I was feeling a little listless on the third day and decided to head back early.

But the event organizer asked me to stay until they gave out the Best Speaker Award.

The audience gets to vote for their favorite speaker and the one with the most number of votes wins. So I waited patiently in my seat while the next speaker delivered his presentation… I think I must dozed off.

Because I was awoken by surprised by the loud applause by the audience.

Everyone was looking at me smiling, as they cheered wildly!

I had totally no idea what was going on! Then the organizer said, “Jaz, you’ve won the Best Speaker Award”. I was dumbfounded.

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Things That Money Can’t Buy

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Last weekend I got an exclusive invitation by Eurosports Lotus to Singapore’s 3rd F1 race. Not only that, I got the chance to go on a VIP tour and visit the garages and see how the racing team prepare themselves for the race .

I can’t described how delighted I am to be able to go down to the only F1 night street race in Singapore. It’s like winning the Golden ticket to the Chocolate Factory!

Here’s the text message they sent to invite me to this huge event.

I met the organizer at the mall nearest to the entrance and he presented me with my VIP pass and I was escorted by two beautiful ladies to the event.

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My Trip to Hong Kong

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A few students have asked me to post pictures of my Hong Kong trip for awhile now.

Here it is… Sorry to keep you waiting. It’s been a busy week for me. And… I still haven’t forgotten about you.

I don’t know if I ever said this… But I really appreciate the fact that you’re reading this post right now.

And you’re probably one of the few avid readers who stood by me through thick and thin via my blog… and encourage me from a distance.

For that, I give you my heartfelt thanks.

Ok, I’m trying not to get too emotional about this. I don’t want my girlfriend to catch me tearing in front of the lap top. Let’s move on, shall we =)

So as you know, my yearly resolution is to go on at least 5 holidays a year. What can I say, I just love travelling.

It’s what I live for and it is for the same reason that I busted my butt trying to figure out how money is made on the internet just few years ago.

This trip to Hong Kong, marks my fourth holiday of the year.

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I have this short report that I wanted to give you.

It shows you how Joe Girard (who is considered to be one of the world’s top salesperson) uses his top 10 sales techniques to sell 13,001 cars in his fifteen year career.

That’s 866 cars in one year.

This achievement earned him the title of “Number one retail car and truck salesman in the world”, a title he held until he retired from car sales in 1977.

And I have this short 16 page report that explains how he did it.

Download your free report here.

Right Click And Download It Here

Nothing for sale here, just good solid content for you to learn.

Spend the next 20 minutes reading this, then let me know how can it help you by clicking on the comment button below.

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What Do You Do On A Monday Morning?

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For most people, it is about getting up early in the morning rushing to work and getting stuck in the dreadful traffic jam.

But to me, Mondays are very different. In fact I quite like Mondays… because it’s a day where I can sleep through the morning to replenish my lost energy from the previous night of entertainment .

And it’s also a day where I can catch up with my old friends and just hang out in each others’ homes.

Yesterday’s Monday was a little more exciting than usual.

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When I was taking my degree in Fashion, I chose the road less traveled and took up an overseas degree.

I had to beg, promise and fight to get my parents to agree to let me fly to Melbourne, Australia for me to complete my final year degree.

This was the 1st time I was exposed to internationally acclaimed, successful designers.

In this photo, is Walter Van Beirendonck (the bald one) who created a successful brand call W. & L.T. – Wild and Lethal Trash.

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I’ve noticed that there’s a trend going among upcoming marketers who are looking forward to make their first big break in the how to make money online niche.

And very often, this trend leads many marketers who are just starting out, into a downward spiral…. until they give up altogether.

Seriously, there are almost as many people giving up on internet marketing everyday, as there are people who are eager to do this business.

Guru Picture

And I found out that one of the main reasons why people get very discouraged from doing this business is that they actually believed that the reason why they’re not making any money online is because they are not “Gurus”.

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Do you remember when was the last time you accomplished a goal so great that you are really proud of?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything related to financing returns or what not… just something that you are really passionate about and that it means the whole world to you if you were to achieve it.

It can be anything… What does it feel like to be in that moment of triumph and relief knowing that all your hard work has been paid off.

It’s an amazing feeling isn’t it.

Quite honestly, I haven’t felt that kind of great sense of achievement in a long time… until just 2 days ago.

I became a pop star in my own right… and I performed live in front of 100+ people for the first time in my life!…

Jaz Lai Concert 1

Well, I hope this doesn’t come off too much of a surprise for you…

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I Just Pick Up Golf

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My friends are playing it, their friends are playing it and looks like alot of people are playing it. So why not me…

Went to send up for my golf lesson today and looking forward to playing it twice weekly.

Here’s my first golf shot.

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