Taiwan, Jay Chou Part 1


Today is the 3th day of Chinese Lunar New Year. If you don’t know, Lunar New Year is one of the most important Chinese holiday in our calender.

This is the time where families and relatives come together and celebrate the new year.

I had a great time catching up with my relatives friends yesterday and since I have some spare time today. I decided to post my recently 10 days holiday photo.

I left Singapore 2 weeks ago on the 15th of Jan and when me and my girlfriend touched down in Taipei (Taiwan) we didn’t expect it to be so cold.

And the worst part is, my check-in luggage didn’t travel in the same plane as me.

This is the first time that I experience this and I was wondering will this turn out to be the worst holiday I ever have?

I only realized my luggage was lost after all the baggage was collected by the passengers.

Luckily the ground crew was alert and when they realized that my luggage is still back in Singapore, they put it on the next available flight.

I got my luggage back in my hotel later in the night.

With such cold weather, I was glad that I finally managed to get back my stuffs (Especially my jackets and my glove)

When we touch down, we immediately went for dinner and have a great bowl of Oyster noodle.

This is the popular Ah Zhong Mian Xian

After dinner, we went to meet up with some Taiwanese friends. Since it’s a Saturday, we decided to go Karaoke in New CB Party.

After a few hours of singing… guess what… we are hungry again.

So we went to the night market for supper.

The next day, we spent some time out and shopping around Xi Men Ding 西門町.

After some morning shopping, we went for sight seeing.

Here’s the famous ferry bridge in Taipei.

The next day, we wake up early in the morning and go island sight seeing.

This is one of the popular golden river. Story has it that many years ago, the Japanese used to own a gold mine and factory near the sea. And since they have been washing the gold in the factory, the residual flow into the sea and turn the stones into gold.

The factory has since been closed down but the gold stones still remain until today.

Near the golden river is a popular tourist old village. We spent 3 hours there eating all sorts of food and buying all kinds of tidbits.

Does this look familiar?

Saw this interesting saving bank. I like the words on it. It means “It’s So Great To Have Money”.

Here’s another view of the Old Street.

On our way back, we bump into a few Taiwanese Superstars. I think they are filming a variety show.

After visiting the Old Street, we went to Hello Kitty Restaurant for dinner and a great surprise.

Here’s the cute Hello Kitty waitress who serve us.

After dinner, our friend Steven went down on his knees and proposal to Audrey and she say YES!

What a wonderful surprise.

The next day, we went fashion shopping in Wu Fen Pu 五分埔.

This is the main Fashion retail and wholesaler area. We spent the whole afternoon here shopping and buying tons of clothing and accessories.

After shopping, we went straight to Rao He night market 河街觀光夜市 for some nice street food.

This is one of the Must-Try Sugar Strawberry.

The next day, we went to Asian Superstar Jay Chou’s 周杰伦 Mr J Restaurant for lunch.

This restaurant is model after Jay’s first directed movie called “Secret” 不能說的秘密.

And this is the piano that can bring you back or forward in time… as in the movie of course.

This is us trying to mimic Jay’s pose.

Another shot of the restaurant.

After lunch, we went to Bei Tou 北投區 for hot spring. There are so many to choose from that we have a hard time deciding which hot spring to go to.

On the last day, we went to the toilet restaurant for some toilet food… : )

This is our meal in the toilet utensils. This is so cute and funny.

And this is the basin for washing hands.

One last shot before we leave for Hong Kong on the next day.

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  1. SUN WEIRONG says:

    Hi Jaz,

    It’s a best chioce traveling
    in Taiwan in lunar new year.
    you can feel chinese culture.
    I think your photos is so nice.
    and your girlfriend is pretty.

  2. Jaz Lai says:

    Thanks WeiRong.
    You should go Taiwan when you are free.
    Great place to eat and shop,

  3. Hi Jaz,
    Great to see those pictures. I been to Taiwan a few weeks ahead of you during christmas time. It was winter but it wasnt really that cold during that time. I recognise some of those places that you shown. The Old street,fisherman wharf and lovers bridge which is located in Danshuei. During the evening, there were some cute dogs wearing cute little clothes, hairclips or bandana and etc taking a walk at the bridge with their master. When I was there, I manage to see lots of brides taking pictures in Danshuei. Did you try out the smelly tou fu and their big fried chicken chop in Raohe Night Market or Shilin Night Market? Their big fried chicken chop is as good as KFC with sprinkled pepper and some chili powder.

  4. Audrey says:

    I haven’t had time to post any photos yet so far. Must make sure I do so soon. It sure was a really wonderful trip…

    PS: Steven did not expect the photo to be posted here 😉

  5. LiewKS says:

    Nice Place only u could coach me.

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