Things That Money Can’t Buy


Last weekend I got an exclusive invitation by Eurosports Lotus to Singapore’s 3rd F1 race. Not only that, I got the chance to go on a VIP tour and visit the garages and see how the racing team prepare themselves for the race .

I can’t described how delighted I am to be able to go down to the only F1 night street race in Singapore. It’s like winning the Golden ticket to the Chocolate Factory!

Here’s the text message they sent to invite me to this huge event.

I met the organizer at the mall nearest to the entrance and he presented me with my VIP pass and I was escorted by two beautiful ladies to the event.

We went through countless security checks before I reach the main paddock building. it’s a bummer but sure pays to be safe.

Outside the pit (garage), where tons of tires are being kept. Can’t imagine the number of tyres they use annually.

Opposite the pit lies our VIP lounge. This is the place where all the lotus staffs and drivers hang out and relax.

There are lots of nice food, beverages and xbox games to keep you entertained while you’re chilling at the VIP lounge.

I’m really surprised that Lotus even came out with their own energetic drink. The LR8 – Lotus Racing 8.

They also have their own brand of mineral water.

This is the entrance of the Lotus pit.

And this is Ferrari’s pit entrance.

Once you enter the pit. You can see the engineers at work. Working on the stats and data of the F1 car.

Walk in and you can see the F1 car’s part. I took a photo of the Cosworth engines. Cosworth is quite a popular engine brand and alot of F1 cars carry it.

Going further in to check out what the rest of the crew are doing.

And guess what, that’s where all the action is.

On the left, we have Jarno Trulli. One of the 2 main Lotus driver.

He is about to go off for his dry run.

On the right hand side of the picture, we have Heikki Kovalainen. Who is waiting for his turn.

Here’s a video where all the actions are.

Across the track is where the Chief engineer and engineers are stationed. They are the ones who give instructions to the drivers via the headset.

Here am I at the pit after the race is over.

After every dry run session, the car would be stripped totally and cleaned.

Here’s the video where they are cleaning up the pit area.

As Air Asia airline is the main sponsor of the Lotus Racing Team, they had 2 pretty stewardess to hang around the pit area for publicity.

Here’s the full view of the pit.

As the drivers and crew travel quite often, they often have jet lap problem. To counter this, everyone of them will still stick to the European time even though they’re here in Singapore.

As we can see from their schedule, even when they are in Singapore, the drivers and crew will still wake up around our local noon time.

They have breakfast at 3pm. Lunch at 8pm and dinner at 3am.

That way, they can avoid jet lap and still stay focus on their tasks on hand.

This is Anita, who is my host for the night. She is one of the staff from Lotus UK who has been assign to guide me on the F1 tour. What a lovely lady.

This young chap here is the 3rd Lotus driver. His name is Fairuz Fauzy from Malaysia. At any point in time if  the 2 main drivers are unable to compete,  He will be called into action.

On the left hand side is Billionaire and F1 Supremo Bernie Ecclestone.

I bump into Tony Fernandes (who is the Lotus team principal and CEO of Air Asia) and can’t resist taking a picture and have a chat with him.

Tony is definitely a very dynamic and energetic guy. I love the way how he stirred Air Asia from nothing to become one of the top budgeted airline in Asia.

You can say I have a lot to learn from him.

In order to be successful, you have to mix and hang around successful people. They are the one that can provide you the opportunity and network to succeed.

Just like Robert Kiyosaki said, if you mix around with 9 successful entrepreneurs, guess who is number 10.

To sum it all it, you can say I am really glad that I am invited to this exclusive event that even money can’t buy,

The close-in pit experience and the deafening roar of the engine is priceless. I will definitely remember this night for a very long time.

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  1. Thomas says:

    Fascinating tour… within the Singapore central business district can exist the FI nerve center! Fantastic people there… including those lovely chicks 🙂 Gotta catch up with Jaz, be the swan, the eagle, the phoenix of the IM industry…

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    Hi Jaz,

    I like your blog,very nice and clean, thanks for sharing


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  4. Goh says:

    Dear Jaz,

    Its really an amazing experience you have got there. Your circle of friends must be huge as you somehow get to be invited to this chance of a lifetime thing. I really must learn from you and be in your footstep as a successful Internet Marketer.

  5. Jaz says:

    Luis: Use the blog theme. You just need to upload the pics and it will appear in the header. Very easy to use.

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    Like your blog and post. Very nice and clean. I also like your header very much. Hope to learn from you. Thanks for sharing your post

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    Thanks Josephine. Remember to keep moving. Let us know if you need any help.

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