What Do You Do On A Monday Morning?


For most people, it is about getting up early in the morning rushing to work and getting stuck in the dreadful traffic jam.

But to me, Mondays are very different. In fact I quite like Mondays… because it’s a day where I can sleep through the morning to replenish my lost energy from the previous night of entertainment .

And it’s also a day where I can catch up with my old friends and just hang out in each others’ homes.

Yesterday’s Monday was a little more exciting than usual.

We tried wake boarding for the first time.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t ideal. We wake-boarded under the rain and it proved to be a lot of challenge trying to stay up on the board especially when the water got a little too choppy.

But still, we still had lots of fun.

Trust me on this, you’d rather battle the rain on a wake-board on any given day, than to wiggle your way through the morning traffic, rushing to meet the deadlines, trying to keep your boss happy.

Here’s some photos for you to enjoy.

The first one up to test the water was Jim. Bravo for his bravery.

After a few false starts, Jim finally got the hang of it and he started to ride the waves like a king of the sea.

The next up is heavy weight Jo (Look at his vest)… : )

Jo’s bulldozing his way through the sea.

The next one up is yours truly. Getting ready for the challenge.

Riding through the waves like a champion (I hope so).

it started to rain when I was up on the board and we had to take shelter at a club house.

After the sky was cleared, it was now the ladies turn to show us what they can do.

First up is Regine.

She is one of our best performer. “Floating” through the waves with ease.

The last one to go is Joey.

Joey didn’t manage to stand up but at least she is able to do get into the squat position.

We all had a lot of fun as well as a great workout. Everyone was up for a second round but we didn’t manage to due to the rain.

We are definitely going to be back again in 1-2 weeks time.

And I aim to cut through the wake and ride the beautiful sea the next time round.

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