What Will ‘Bruno’ Do In Internet Marketing?



Last night I rented a strange ‘Bruno’ DVD and I can tell you this has to be the most outrageously sexual “in your face” comedic movie of this year.

In Bruno, Sasha Baron Cohen plays a haughty flamboyant gay fashion journalist from Austria, who got fired after making a scene on the stage of a fashion runway.

And then he comes to America with his personal assistant to seek fortune and fame, encounters humiliations to which he is obdurately immune and achieves a redemption of sort toward the end.

As there are people who really enjoyed Sacha’s portrayal of a extravagant incarnation of a silly, retrograde stereotype of gayness, there are also as many people who got offended by his wicked sense of humor.

And it seem highly unlikely that anyone can actually pick out something of value to learn from from the movie, but if you look beyond the “sick” comedy (As some would call it) and deep into Bruno’s character, you’ll find that Bruno has an unwavering determination to succeed in the show business and to become a celebrity. he literally strives to receive public attention and admiration.

He’s determination has led him to do whatever it takes to get him what he wants… No matter how ridiculous it may seem!

Bruno, followed in the footsteps of some well-known actors in order to gain fame.

He went as far as to adopt an African infant – obviously modelling “Bradgelina”.

And even tried to bring peace to the middle-east and go to the extend of risking life to interview a real terrorist – all of that just to gain fame and to fit into the false “social impression” of a celebrity.

This is indeed one of the most unusual but perfect example of somebody, not re-inventing the wheel but trying to follow exactly what others have done to succeed.

Now, how far would you be willing to move out from your comfort zone and do whatever it takes to model someone else’s method to achieve success in your home business?

Well, at times you may find that there are moments when you just dread doing the little things to promote your business.

Things like submitting articles or writing a blog post.

You’ll probably even let it slide if you were to skip a day or two without doing them.

And eventually, you might even find yourself giving up on your business totally even before the results show.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Well, if you really find it that hard to move on.

I really recommend you to watch Bruno. And ask yourself after the movie, “What would Bruno do if he were to be in a home business”?

You see, Bruno started out with a dream… and this dream was so important to him that he made it a goal to accomplish it no matter what it took.


The dream was so important to him as if it was a matter of life and death.

Now, the question is… What is it about life that is so important to you, that you MUST accomplish before you leave this world?

And once you are clear of what you really want, the “how” will naturally come to you.

Because you will find all sorts of way to make it work. It’s almost like guerilla warfare.

Your goal will also be your source of motivation to keep moving on, whenever you face an obstacle or whenever you feel like giving up.

Trust me on this… I used to be caught in a six figure debt, but I got out of it within a year!

And it’s all because I wanted to get out of it so bad that I did whatever I could to bring me closer toward my goal.

I attended numerous seminars and courses and I tried every possible way to make money online.
And right now, equipped with the experience, I can always repeat the same process that has worked for me before and create another massive flow of income.

Now, I’m definitely not trying to brag to you.. But I want you to understand that having a clear goal and following a success model consistently can bring you big returns.

And studies and research have proven that it has been an epitome of success since thousands of years ago.

Start finding your true purpose in life and find someone who shares that same purpose as you, but who have already achieve it.

Then model his methods to success as closely as possible.

Before you know it, you’ll probably be the next internet marketing celebrity.

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